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Hooray for combo thread! Should make this a lot less chaotic. (Or maybe just more chaotic...) Anyway:

Jirachi Update:
Upon arriving in Lavender Town after running a VERY annoying gauntlet of trainers (seriously, I must have replenished PP at the center at least a dozen times), I made it to Lavender Town, where a radio tower has replaced a sacred Pokemon gravesite. Ah well, that's progress for you...I healed my Pokemon and went north again, entering Rock Tunnel with a large number of Super Repels in hand. Not wanting to deal with more HM slaves, I made it through without Flash after a LOT of dead ends, emerging onto the other side, where thankfully there was a Pokemon Center. I healed and headed immediately for Cerulean, where I healed again before returning to Route 10 and the Power Planet. There, I resolved to help find a thief who had recently broken in and stolen an item. I Flew to Cerulean again and decided that perhaps it might be best if I challenged the Gym first, only to find...TEAM ROCKET!?!?!? How did they ret--oh, wait, never mind, it's just one Engrish-speaking member. I chased him down, stopped him from butting in between a couple enjoying a nice romantic bridge date, and defeated him, grabbing the part and returning it to the Power Plant. With the power back on, I Flew to Lavender and picked up the expansion card, then went back to Cerulean again and headed to the cape, fighting a bunch of trainers along the way and interrupting Misty's date with...umm, someone who isn't Ash I guess. So much for Pokeshipping.

After chasing her back to the Gym, it was time for a battle. Most of her Pokemon went down to one Psychic apiece, but her Starmie with its resistance actually survived two of them. Jirachi only took a couple hits that didn't really do much, but eventually I had earned my next Kanto badge!

Since the power was back on, and East Kanto had been cleared, there wasn't really much else to do except head to Western Kanto. I woke up Snorlax and managed to capture it, which was lucky as I would later really need it for something. With Repels, Diglett's Cave is laughably easy, as is Viridian Forest. Upon emerging, it was time to take on...

Well, what can I say about Brock? He may have good physical defense on all of his Pokemon, but when faced with a Special Attacker...well, at least one of his Pokemon survi--oh, never mind, they all went down in one hit.

Next up was Mt. Moon. The trainers on Route 3 gave me some trouble with PP rationing and I ended up skipping a bunch to go to the mountain's Pokemon Center and healing, then returning for more EXP. I then entered the mountain and came face-to-face with Pingas...again. His Sneasel wasn't half as annoying as last time, thanks to Doom Desire/Wish/Cosmic Power combo, and the rest of his Pokemon went down to Psychic, with the exception of Magneton, who also took a Doom Desire combo to the face. After he had been defeated, I climbed to the mountain's top, where the shop was closed, and Flew back to Pewter. From here, I took Viridian Forest south to Viridian City; with Repels, the forest was easy, as every Bug Catcher just went down to a few Psychics. Not much to do in Viridian, as the Gym is apparently closed, so I just healed once and went directly to Pallet Town to visit Oak. From there, I turned on the repels and Surfed down to Cinnabar, and from there straight to Seafoam without bothering with Gary/Blue. A few Trainers and healing moments later, it was time for...

Well, he gave me a lot tougher of a challenge than I expected, mainly due to Jirachi's weakness to Fire. Blaine actually kept managing to survive my Psychics and hit me with Flamethrower, which did A LOT of damage--I actually had to use two Hyper Potions in this battle! Despite that, though, Psychic eventually won out, and the Volcanobadge was mine. Next, I surfed to Fuschia to get rid of the boulders, heal, and then Fly back to Cinnabar, where Blue promised me a challenge in Viridian.

A quick Fly later, it was time to challenge the eighth and final Gym! Man, I hate this puzzle. Ah well. Once I'd finally made it to Blue, he went down pretty easily, with the exception of Exeggutor, who had to take a Doom Desire/Wish/Cosmic Power combo to knock out. With Earthbadge in hand, Oak called me and requested my presence, and so I walked to Pallet Town to the south.

Remember that Snorlax? It turns out that it's the only Pokemon I own that is able to learn Rock Climb, which is needed to make it to Red. So I got him out as an HM Slave and taught it Rock Slide before heading to Mt. Silver, ready to face Red! After two wild encounters in the grass outside the mountain, Jirachi also hit Level 100...perfect timing, too. I Flew to a store and bought a few Max Repels, then Flew back and scaled the mountain, finding at its summit...

Level 100 Jirachi VS Red's team. This actually went better than expected. I got lucky with a Critical Hit on Pikachu, KO'ing it in one hit! Next up was Charizard, which actually managed to get off a Flamethrower and make me use a Max Potion...GRR. It also took three Psychics to knock out, which was also annoying. After that, Venusaur fainted after a single Psychic, and Blastoise took two Psychics, plus a hit from the Hail, to destroy. Lapras was surprisingly easy, but Snorlax gave me some trouble and made me use another potion. With Snorlax down...CHALLENGE CLEAR!

Nature: Lax
Ability: Serene Grace
Level: 100

HP: 351
ATK: 243
DEF: 272
SP. ATK: 245
SP. DEF: 210
SPD: 250
Moves: Wish, Psychic, Cosmic Power, Doom Desire

I'm back!
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