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Originally Posted by ChaoSong View Post
If Kubo had created Bleach with your Soul Reaper persona in it, who would you want as your Japanese and English VA?
Jun Fukuyama. No doubt. He's the voice for Lelouch in Code Geass R1&R2. I don't watch anime as often as I read manga, but Jun Fukuyama should be my seiyuu. My English VA would be Johnny Yong Bosch. I just like his voice. He's also famous for various roles in other anime like he's Ichigo's voice actor,and Lelouch's English VA. :D
Oh, Johnny Yong Bosch. He's a great VA.
He's the second Black Power Ranger!
He's also the VA for Vash the Stameped! =D

Jun Fukuyama is the Seiyuu for Yumichika and for Kraft Lawrence of Spice & Wolf.