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Quote originally posted by Tomackze:
Just curious... will there be D&P pokemon in this or no? I don't think I've seen any...

But man I would love to see Darkrai in the game, even if it is only for a fight you have against a trainer

I never thought about that... It would be pretty interesting to try though.

Quote originally posted by XBlackChaosX:
wow this is very impressive plus i love the story, its original. hanven't played it yet cause im gonna wait for the new beta. have you have an idea of when the game will be fully completed. Also i know im new but i have yet to find a completed pokemon hack anyone know of any? good job and good luck phychicboy

If I can get these fall through ice tiles to work, then the next beta will be out in like 1-3 days :3

Also, try pokemon Brown, Pokemon Rijon adventures, ShinyGold, or Liquid Crystal.

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