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Quote originally posted by MechaTrainer:
I think I did it the way you said i'm not sure because I tried compiling it and something popped out and said "Run Time Error 457 This Key is already associated with an element an element of this collection
#org $begin
checkflag 0x232
if B_true goto $gotit
message $q
boxset 6
givepokemon 1 5 0
setflag 0x232

#org $gotit
message $hi
boxset 6
#org $hi
$hi 1 = What are you wating for? Go On!

#org $q
$q 1 = Good Morning \v\h01!\nI'm glad you wanted to be\pa Pokemon Trainer\nTo start you of here\pis a Pokemon I found alone\nand abandoned

#org $gotit
message $hi
boxset 6
Make mom's Person ID 0's all the way across. Hopefully she'd appear then.

Quote originally posted by TB Pro:
Yeah, that wasn't the problem, we figured it out already.
You know what, Imma just hang up my helping hat for good before I make a fool out of myself now.
Being a hero is overrated anyways