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Quote originally posted by Binary:
About the sprite. I think that it's a pretty well made sprite. You should improve the arms a little bit, and maybe use it.

For the flowers, maybe a darker shade of blue? And the wild grass of Lost Forest should match up with the palettes you've used for the trees. So I suggest changing the palettes of the wild grass, with another grass tile and same behavior byte. Everything else looks really awesome.
I can't wait to see some scripts. I hope you update as soon as I post this. >:U
It looks too weak to be an Emon to be honest... :/

I actually was thinking the same about the flowers, but then it doesn't really fit in with the 'bright' theme in the beginning. Yeah I actually have another grass tile inserted. Would you rather the HGSS grass in there or the FR grass with a different Pal?

Thanks for the comments, and critic.

Quote originally posted by 5qwerty:
This idea seems really great.
The plot is thoughtful, though Emon sounds a bit weird.
Though I think you should improvise more on the "Emon."
I mean, if they are from another planet or something, it would be a completely different habitat. Unless you are assuming that the atmospheric and climatic conditions on Tyes are basically the same as on Earth, I suggest you change the Fakemon a bit. Speaking of Fakemon, your sprites need a little work. The excessive black outline makes it look flat, so change that. Other than that, it looks really professional.
It's not very often someone actually decides to read the story instead of solely judging by the screenshots. I don't want to deviate too much from the 'Pokemon' style. I think if I were to make them more sinister they wouldn't really fit in with the FR sprites and all. I know what you're saying about teh outline, I guess I should go ahead and take a second look on those sprites, thanks for the critic ;D


So I've been working at this for a pretty long while recently. As some of you might have heard, my ROM actually crashed on Friday (not really crashed but got screwed up pretty damn badly). It was kind of my fault actually. I accidentally used Amap 1.90 to map instead of the usually 1.92. Yeah, you can guess what happened after that. My back up was over a month old and I honestly felt like quitting the project at the time. Luckily I decided to go ahead and play Pokemon Sienna. That pretty much motivated me to just update the month old back up and I stopped playing after the gay reference from the Celadon city gym.

That's about how it's been with Celestium's progress. i need up update the first post soon as well.

Sprite Updates:

OK, so I made a WIP of the hero and a possible Emon. They both need some heavy work before I actually use them.

Not sure if you can see that clearly, well it is Jpeg...I need to fix up the arms too.

Might've seen this one on one of TB pro's signatures.

Other updates:

So I realized how long it's been since I last updates to this'll be somewhat bigger than the future updates ;D

Took the screen right before the menu popped up

From now on I'm going to only comment certain screens ;D

Another script in Mayven

There's actually much more but I just didn't feel like taking 100 screens of the same event.

Maybe if you can 'CUT' the lock *hint hint* ;D

I don't want to ruin too much, so lets move on ;D

Hegotbeatup *cough*

We saw him back in Mayven too, but he didn't see you...

That's all for screenshots folks ;D
Until I get more done atleast. Before someone even suggests it, no this is not an evil team (yes OWs need to be made still). I actually like the Cave tiles here, but if you have any complaints go ahead and speak 'em ;D

EDIT: Credits to Dewitty for the red house.