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Hack name: Pokemon Amythyest

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: Based on Isshu Quartet

Finished percentage: 2%

Your hacking skills: Spriting, Story, Title screen, minor OW, Banner, creating Fakemon

What help or skill you're looking for: Tile Inserters, Mappers, Scripters, Spriters & OW (for hero), Region Map

Additional contact information: Just PM me or email- [email protected] (email is better)

Additional information:

Beginning starts in a city and you go a ship to a small town, you are ambushed by Team Radon and receive starters (all 3 of you) on the ship to defeat them, captain held hostage and you meet Prof. Gary Oak.

I need help from good mappers and scripters, the city map I need help with is very complex!

Need good tile inserters to insert HGSS or Gen V styled houses for towns and main city, also for the ship.

Need people who can insert Gen V pokemon and help me make Fakemon (only a couple).

Need good spriters for hero, rival, hero's girlfriend, and my evil Team radon's OW and sprites/backsprites.

Need good scripters to script beginning events (email me for more info).

I already have the region map drawn out just need someone to put it in a HGSS style for me.

Please email or PM me if you are good at any of these things.