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As a review, this was terribly average.

Your general grammar is absolutely shocking. Yo ucan't spell. IMO, proofread before you actually post. :\

Dragon Quest may be popular, but compared to Halo, Call of Duty and Pokemon this game fails in comparison.

Did you really just compare a recent release, niche game to two console shooters and a game that's been out three years and has an absolutely massive fanbase? :|

>reviewing a game you havn't finished

Dragon Quest IX is a game to be thinking of buying. It has it's flaws, but with so much good in the game some can be overlooked. But some cannot. Like unexpected boss fights, or an enemy spawns when you're walking.

Your grammar here, lmao. Won't even go into that.

Unexpected boss fights encourage you to always be prepared, jus sayin. AND OMG LOL

You have a problem with random encounters, and you play Pokémon. Just. lol. Don't even like, review anything ever again. Practice. Learn how to construct sentances, and seriously, work on your grammar. Even if you're from like, India, or whatever, at least try to improve your English.

Have some composure, where is your posture?
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