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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Well.. then I have that @_@ Would that mean I'm entitled to the thread? Or because it's not request-able I wouldn't be able to get it even if I have the requisite for it?
So.. since I made a DailyChitChat thread that got over 1000 posts I DO indeed have the requisite for that emblem? How would that work? Did it have to be after a certain date?
Threads in Other Chat such as the DCC or "Post Your Picture" I wouldn't count towards getting the 100 Replies emblem. Basically, because they're usually made by the staff member looking over that forum, and it's known that they'll receive over 100 replies. That emblem was designed to be handed out to members who create discussions threads on a certain topic and it earns over 100 replies through effort. If you've done so in the past though, then I wouldn't mind handing out that emblem seeing you fit the requisite with your own OC discussion topic/thread.

@ Ninja Caterpie, if you request the NONONO Emblem nothing happens. :P
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