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~Free Agent looking for work~
Area looking for work: Mapper
Timezone: EST
Preferred method of contact: Pokecommunity. PM me if you wish.
Examples of work: I really dont have any uploaded examples. Sorry.
Additional Info:I was here before. The last team I was part of was closed down by the leader. After at least a year from PC, I wish to find a team I can help out on.

I work usually on region maps, overworld maps, and battle animations. :D

If you ask me to do something out of my area of abilities, then you'd probably get a result that gets a 2/10 quality. XD

Hi guys, call me Outcast.
I was once here before, and I decided to come back here again to try developing games with others.

Games I support:

Projects I support:

Support the Poke'Battle Project!