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Originally Posted by DeoxysIsYourDestiny View Post
What natures for celebi do you like? I also have mats other two regis.
I'm mainly looking for Timid Celebis at the moment.

Originally Posted by SCV058 View Post
Regirock's OT is TwilightBlade, this forums moderator.

As for the others, I have two Bold Grass Zapdos, one Timid Zapdos, and two Bold Suicune, + a Relaxed Crown Shiny Suicune thats near flawless and HP Electric 70.
The Bold Suicune and Zapdos sound great. :3
As for the Regirock, it seems like there are some complications, so just those two for now?

Originally Posted by miakalina View Post
Sure. [: Are you available for trading now?
Is it the same FC as last time?
Yup yup. :3
I can hop on wi-fi to meet you in just a second.

@TB: Thank you. ^^

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