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Quote originally posted by DeoxysIsYourDestiny:
What natures for celebi do you like? I also have mats other two regis.
I'm mainly looking for Timid Celebis at the moment.

Quote originally posted by SCV058:
Regirock's OT is TwilightBlade, this forums moderator.

As for the others, I have two Bold Grass Zapdos, one Timid Zapdos, and two Bold Suicune, + a Relaxed Crown Shiny Suicune thats near flawless and HP Electric 70.
The Bold Suicune and Zapdos sound great. :3
As for the Regirock, it seems like there are some complications, so just those two for now?

Quote originally posted by miakalina:
Sure. [: Are you available for trading now?
Is it the same FC as last time?
Yup yup. :3
I can hop on wi-fi to meet you in just a second.

@TB: Thank you. ^^

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