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C'Mon guys! Choose 10 and 11!! Well, Lopunny is the best they both it's not as crap as Linoone.
And Delcatty is not too far of being good from Lopunny.

If you know the true potencial of Lopunny, you'll understand my position.

By the way.

I was thinking about having the trongest ones from B&W like Chandelure, Conkeldurr, Excadrill, Haxorus, Volcarona, Gigalith and stuff.
But you could add the rare ones(like Sudowoodo on GSC or Rotom on DPPt).
1.- Maybe Volcarona(is like Suddwoodo, you can only catch it once).
2.- Also, the starters. Not too interested on them, though.
3.- Deino, the Dark/Dragon one.
4.- Klink, the gear one.
5.- Solosis, which evolves to Reuniclus, the green plasma one.
6.- Gothita, the gothic girl-ish one.
7.- And... Zorua, maybe?

Pokémon Pure Version. It's gone now. Buh-bye Nohmen Region! Nobody will miss you because no one had the chance to meet you.

And also... a new Megaman X game is coming. Megaman X: Maverick Wars.
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