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Name: Horuka
Species: Kumasyun
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: a shiny Kumasyun (Lilliana could you post a pic for me I haven't made enough posts to be able to)
Move Set: Blizzard, Mirror Coat, Hail, Ice Beam
Personality: Haruka is as sweet and innocent as anyone can be though she always speaks her mind she's kind to everyone even people she doesn't know and can't turn a blind eye to people in need. Haruka won't give up and doesn't take well to teasing her and is a very emotionally sensitive Pokemon.

History: Haruka was born and raised in the hills of Zero Mountain. An environment thats completely snow and ice. Her father was never there for her and she was unable to make any friends as a child. Shortly after she received an invitation to the guild in Mineral town her mother died leaving her all alone with her final wish being for her daughter to be the best explorer. Haruka is going along with her mothers wish and when she joins the guild she is still grieving.

Team: Sun second team please
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