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Finally it was time to face the trainer who had earned so much respect from me; Skyla! I found her gym to be at the back of the airstrip, meaning I had to make my way past some huge planes. My bike made the trip a little shorter. I had stocked up well at the Pokémon Center so I was ready to take her on!

I was shocked to find the method of transport in the gym to be giant cannons. I had faced open elevators, a track-changing rollercoaster, riddles hidden in books and all manner of other tricks, but to physically shoot myself across the room?! Surely this couldn't be safe?! This was only confirmed when at one point, I ended up hitting the wall and nearly knocking myself out. I had to sit down for a minute or two to stop the dizziness and only then was ready to challenge Skyla.

For all I respected her and all I had been prepared for, she was disappointingly easy to beat. Two of her Pokémon went down in a single hit and the third only took a little longer. I was a little crestfallen that a battle I had been looking forwards to so much had been so short, but I accepted my Jet Badge with pride, for I had now earned six badges in four days!

Happy with my progress, I bade Skyla a goodbye as she directed me through Twist Mountain, where she had heard Team Plasma were up to no good. This made me feel a little happier as I thought of the chance N would be there, and motivated me to traverse the mountain at once. I wasn't expecting him to be waiting for me outside the gym.

Did I mention how pretty he was? Fwah♥

He looked a little sad, and I asked him why. He said he was sad that Pokémon were used for combat, as it meant they had to hurt one another. He had grown up with Pokémon, and didn't want to see them in pain. I said that was true, but sometimes the pain is needed because in the end, we are stronger for it. N seemed a little happier about that and asked to speak to one of my Pokémon. I was confused until he explained that due to his childhood with Pokémon, he could understand them well. He picked out my Duosis, Tardigrade, since it was the newest addition to my team, and learned from Tardy that I was from Nuvema Town and that Prof. Idiot had sent me out to fill the PokéDex, which I had done a terrible job with as I was unwilling to store Pokémon in a PC. This made him really happy, and me too, as it was what I had tried to tell him at the end of Chargestone Cave but had been unable to around the present company.

N decided my Pokémon were happy enough, and briefly explained what was going to happen. The man from before, Ghetsis, he was trying to find two stone, the Dark Stone and the Light Stone, which were said to be the remains of the ancient Dragons from the legends. I remembered that legend; it was said that at the touch of the Hero, the Dragon would re-awaken and help the Hero realise his dream.

N wanted to be that hero. He wanted the Dragon to help him separate humans and Pokémon. That was still his dream; I hadn't been able to change his mind. D:

He seemed to realise how I felt because he said that he wants to be the hero because then he can change the world without force. No one would get hurt and it would be worth it in the end, but it would be sad for people like me, as I would be separated from my friends. I noticed him stutter over that part, and at once an understanding formed between the two of us. We had the same motive, to an extent. We had the same idea. It was N who was taking it further, though, and in that instant, he seemed to realise how far he might be going.

Before I could argue anything else, he left without a trace, and even though I ran as fast and as far as I could, he was already gone. How does he do that?!

I had a lot to think about as I headed in the direction of Twist Mountain.

Grargh. Getting further and further away from what actually happens here. Maybe I should adapt this into a fanfic or something when I'm done recording it here.

Key Moments:
Beating Skyla in 5 hits. She's blooming easy. Shouldn't have been the sixth leader when she's that easy to beat.
Meeting N again, and coming to an understanding of sorts. At least I know what he's up to now.

Next up: Twist Mountain!

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