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Originally Posted by Impo View Post
ahhh, my thoughts exactly. though i didn't really like Brittany in this episode.
well, i always love her, but not how she let Santana down. She was crying and everything.
Although I do want Brittany & Santana to be together, I think Brittany made the right choice. It showed her morals aren't as loose as she is/was. I'm sure somewhere down the line Santana will get hers.

Originally Posted by Impo View Post
and i loved Holli in Emma and Carl's session.

"My lips are sealed... just like ya legs!"

Oh my gosh! My jaw literally dropped & I let a small gasp escape from my mouth. It was PRICELESS! :cer_laugh:

Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

omfg. Santana scenes <3 I wanna see em' ;__; I could be watching it now but yeah... my internet went of last night u_u so I couldn't download it ;;

Oh there's a new original song been announced, it's called Hell to the No, ===

And maybe sung my Mercedes and/or Santana, since Santana was getting an original song soon :'3

And the title of the track fits Mercedes perfectly ~
Is everyone getting an original song or what?
*crosses fingers for a Kurt & Lauren one*