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Question @ this collector dude in a Route 17-18 shack

What is he looking for?

Originally Posted by Panfisha View Post
Looking at galvantula, I see he can have the compound eyes ability. And from what I read, it says it raises an attack's accuracy by 30%. Is that 30% of the move's accuracy, or is the 30% added on to the attack's accuracy?

For example, for thunder having 70% accuracy, would it be:
An increase of 21% (30% of 70%), making it 91% accurate?
An increase of 30%, making it 100% accurate?
Ability/move boosts towards accuracy are percented from the original move value if not at 100%. So Victini will hit with 77% Thunders and close to 95% accurate Fire Blast (hax!).

Descriptive text can use a scrolling feature. Would make for clearer explanation (before translation/localization, mind)