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Decided to post my uneventful Pokemon black events here due to not having much else to do. Here is a summary of things thus far:

-Started the game, chose Snivy, battled rivals, mourned over my broken 50" plasma screen apparently purchased by my nonexistent father, went to lab after talking to everyone in town, named Snivy Zero, left town.

(Party: Zero the Snivy)

-Didn't feel like catching anything in the route 1 catching competition thing, talked to everyone in next town, progressed through story.

-Went to Striation, pwned chili, lost against team plasma's Patrat's bide (How does that even happen!?), continued, was told it was too dangerous beyond the playground with only one pokemon by two toddlers who apparently had more authority than me, reluctantly got the free Panpour who went through the "Initiation Grind", continued.

(Party: Zero, Mizu the Panpour)

-Reached next city, lost to Lenora's retaliate, trained, beat Lenora, continued with the story.

-Reached Castelia, formed the dancer team, talked to everyone in town after much time, saved Munna, destroyed Burgh, continued.

-After much time, effort, and Sandiles, I explored the entire desert, desert resort, and relic castle (the areas I could). Saw a Sigilyph, and felt compelled to get it, therefore catching my first pokemon after over 13 hours of gameplay, continued.

(Party: Zero, Mizu, Res the Sigilyph)

-Currently checking out Nimbasa after beating Elesa.
- My team -
Zero (Snivy) (♂) Lv.35
Mizu (Panpour) (♀) Lv.29
Res (Sigilyph) (♂) Lv.25