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RP thread:
This thread's purpose is not only to discuss the rp and sign up,but it is also meant to settle disputes and explain battles further.


Sample of a usual fight:
Quote originally posted by Bacon:
Ok cool,so remember to not make your pokemon perfect and I will to.

Battle ground:

In the middle lies a plot of dirt that is surrounded by a deep moat. In the moat,are durable platforms that pokemon as heavy as snorlax can use to stay above water.
Quote originally posted by Pool:
As I enter the stadium, I take note of my enemy. He seems pretty normal, except for his pokeball. It was decorated with some sparkly stuff. He tossed out his pokeball. In mid-air, it split and a giant scorpion of sorts appeared from the white mist emitted. "Quite a good choice," I say bravely. I then thrust my pokeball forward and a small scale tree creature with arms and legs appears. It opens it's mouth and emits a roar. "Use Focus Blast," I say. Shiftry holds it's arms back in a kamehameha style and a whitish glow forms in it's two hands. Shiftry forces it's arms forward and the ray of light shoots at Drapion. This is a fighting type move so it would be super effective.
Quote originally posted by Bacon:
Drapion's moves;

Toxic spikes
cross poison
Pin missile

After briefly signing up for a battle at the sign up kiosk, the woman behind the counter tells me my opponent's name is pool. Strange, does pool like water or the game? Well no matter, I thanked the lady and headed down a long corridor. I was rather nervous to battle here because most of the spectators were kinda critical.

Once I stepped out, a stern looking man with two flags scolded me for being tardy," Hey, if you wish to continue; you best get up here before the clock runs out". I replied nervously," Yes sir, won't happen again"! Once I climbed a few steps, I looked out across the battlefield to see my opponent. He was rather perplexed by the sparkly glitter on my pokeball,which embarrassed me because my sister knew others would notice. xD Once I flipped the switch on my pokeball, I threw it up in a high arc to unleash a blinding light that revealed a tall scorpion like creature,which two menacing claws drooping on the side of its skull. On the other side was a more agile pokemon with leafs for hands and hair running down its body.

I was about to attack when my opponent commanded his own to use focus blast! So in retaliation, I decided to called out my own command one the shiftry was about to launch its attack, " Drapion, use PROTECT"! With this, a barrier shielded my drapion from his attack while a bit of debris being thrown up due to the explosion. With this, I commanded my drapion to take advantage of this by unleashing another attack of my own, "Drapion, counter with pin missile"! My pokemon's claws begin to glow until it sweeps its arms to unleash several missles that split to envelop a wider area. As a follow attack, I command my drapion to follow up,"Use toxic spikes"! Suddenly several purple spikes land upon the center platform to force my opponent to use outside ones or take poison damage.
Quote originally posted by Pool:
I watched closely as my opponent called out to use protect, quite a useful move. The Focus Blast attack was reflected to the side, crashing into the stands and harming someone I believe. I wasn't watching the stands that closely so I really don't know.
"Shiftry, dig!" I bellow. Shiftry digs it's way under the earth(You never stated that the entire battlefield was platforms, so I figured there'd be sides with just plain earth). Shiftry takes it's time making some intrequite tunnels below the surface, and breaks a hole into the mote. The moat drains out, and fills up the tunnels, the platforms sink down with the water, and if drapion was on a platform it'd most likely be stuck at the bottom of the oh so deep moat.

Shiftry comes above ground, but accidentally lands on the spikes, poisoning it. Shiftry takes some damage from the poison. "Rock Tomb," I command. Shiftry starts glowing with a brownish glow. Multiple rocks fall from the air above Drapion, trying to trap it, while also dealing a bit of damage.
Quote originally posted by Bacon:
I was hoping to land a quick strike upon my opponent using the debris,but he used dig to avoid the attack and the subsequent toxic spikes. I didn't know what to do,but I talked to my drapion to keep it calm," Drapion, stay still and listen for shiftry"! So it did,but my opponent wasn't trying to attack me,but it was actually creating a tunnel to drain the moat. I didn't know what to do,but I braced myself for his counter attack and wouldn't you know, it was rock tomb.

In response I said, " Drapion, use cross poison to swipe the rocks while backpedaling from your current position!" With this, my drapion was able to swipe one of the incoming rocks to shatter it while avoiding most of the attack. This is because my opponent is at the bottom of the moat,thus it can not attack me with 100 percent accuracy. Now that drapion was able to escape, I gave my next order," Drapion, let your pin missiles rain upon the battlefield, while blocking his ability to use his existing tunnels."

Edit: Drapion's left arm is hurt because of the rock tomb.
Quote originally posted by Pool:
"Perfect chance to test my new strategy," I boast. "Sunny Day". Shiftry's head starts glowing and the sun's rays intensify on the battlefield, making the ground hot to the touch. Shiftry's ability kicks in(Chlorophyll), making it's speed intensify. "Do your best to dodge as much of the attack as possible!" I say. Shiftry moves around at intense speeds, but gets hit by multiple pins. Shiftry takes 4x as much damage as normal, but it still doesn't do a large amount of damage, considering that it is a fairly weak move.

"Solar Beam" Since the sun is already out, Shiftry has enough sunlight to spam solar beams. 5 solar beams are rapidly shot at Drapion's head. Shiftry flinches, from the sting of the poison still effecting it.
Quote originally posted by Bacon:
:3 Don't worry about sunny day next round.

The arena begins to heat up rather quickly,but it's not a fire type attack. It's an artificial burst of sun light and it's used rather quickly to launch a barrage of solar beams towards my drapion. In response to this, I said," Drapion, use Protect"! Once Drapion responds, its arms will fold while a veil of energy encompasses his body to block the beams causing the spire to crumble.

The earthen spire is cracking rather quickly, the impact of the solar beams and tunnels caused its frame to lose some strength. In response to this, I said," Drapion, strike the ground behind you to break a slab off the spire and use it to launch yourself towards Shiftry using your weight"! Suddenly Drapions claws strike the earth while it jumped back to the main body of the spire. Even though Shiftry is faster now, it's going to be only slightly faster than it was due to the poison's effect. So Drapion does as it was asked and it leaps upon as it slides down the mountain. SoI said, " Drapion, Launch another barrage of pin missiles! Make sure to send some to cover your flanks while the rest are aimed towards shifty!

If this works, Drapion will be on the other side of the collapsing spire and prevent shiftry from approaching him from his flank. With the sheer number of missiles, he may be hit or be forced under the spire.


This aspect of each fight will be used to gauge how well a pokemon will be able to dodge,attack, and defend. As pokemon are battling, their ability to defend would be hampered by being tired,but this doesn't mean that there is a limit. It just means that a Pikachu who was out for 4 turns will be able to defend itself better than a shiftry who was out for 5.


Size: Size affects a pokemon's stamina greatly because a Tyranitar has to support a lot of weight in battle, making it tired even while it's stationary. By that same sentiment, a pikachu would be fast paced and slower due its small size; would tire out quicker because it has to take twice the steps as others to get from point A to point B.

High powered attacks: The more powerful an attack,the more energy it will generally drain from the user. Some attacks that fall into this category are Solar beam and extreme-speed. As for the most dominant attacks like frenzy plant and hyperbeam, there's no cooldown. However, the pokemon will get two more turns of fatigue added.

Small/Dog sized pokemon (Pikachu,dratini, and Star-raptor):
0-3 turns: Fine
4-7: Panting
8-11:Labored breathing and sore limbs
12+: What the? D:

Medium/Human sized pokemon(Shiftry, lamphorous):
0-4: Fine
14+: What the? D:

0-3 turns: Fine
4-7: Panting
8-11:Labored breathing and sore limbs
13+: What the? D:

Health effects:
Sometimes a pokemon defending and sometimes attacking will get harmed. Pokemon who are defending might end up with a limb sprained or even broken. Other times a pokemon might be harmed by health effects like burns or poison.

Torso: +2 turns of fatigue each turn
Limb:+ 1 turns of fatigue each turn
Burns: + 3 turns of fatigue each turn
Poison: +1 turns of fatigue each turn
Frozen: This doesn't add to fatigue,but it prevents the afflicted from attacking, even if they can break out.
Paralyze: There is a chance that the use can't execute an attack.

Determining Status and rp action success:

Depending on the affect, the user will pick a number and the overseer will use a random number generator to decide if the effect was successful. As for rp actions,these would be attacks like grabbing an opponent. Now the problem is that automatically grabbing their opponent with tentacles is godmodding,but trying to grab people is always a failure. Thus a random number generator will be used to determine the result.

Note: If you rp attack and fail, your pokemon is wide open to an attack.

Burns: User chooses a number between 1-5
Poison:User chooses a number between 1-4
Paralyze: User chooses a number between 1-5
Freeze: User chooses a number between 1-6
Rp action: User chooses a number between 1-3

This is where I ask what you guys and gals want to do. :3

1. When is a good start time for you all?
Sub question: How many people should be accepted before starting?
2. How do you want to do the rp thing. Since this is a battle orientated rp, we can go with the following.

Option A: Rp yourselves as if you are at the stadium already. This way I can come up with battles faster.

Option B: Rp your way in a victory road type of scenario.

Option C: Would be similar to option B,but it will not only take longer to start up,but it is dependent on others. Thus people might drop out,but it's the most satisfying option if everyone participates within a week.

Reserved spots:

Quote originally posted by Cooker:
Name: Vincent Ford, 19
Character's look:Vinny's hair is so blond that it almost appears white. He keeps the top no more than two inches long and styles it messily while the sides are kept shorter and clean. Two royal sapphires glimmer under his thin but dark eyebrows, shaped narrowly and framed by long and delicate eyelashes. His nose is long and pointed and bears a small bump from a previous break in the bone. Thin lips sit above his pronounced chin. Vinny's skin is freshly tanned and contrasts his light hair; clearly he's been getting some sun. He stands a tad taller than average at 6 foot and has a toned and muscular body.
History: Vinny's parents both died when he was a baby and he was raised by his godparents, though his upbringing was still very normal. As a child he was very close to and protective of his younger "sister" [godsister?] Holly, probably because of his physical and violent nature. He matured early and, being a handsome fella, rose to popularity among his peers at school- the cocky, mean, rebellious type of popularity. He was usually just the average amount of rude and obnoxious for a boy his age, but his temper ignited freely. Vinny more than frequently got in fights at school, where he proved his dominance and furthered his arrogance, but also worried his parents. In his early teen years they introduced to him to Pokemon and soon after battling. He learned to channel his aggression into that and upon entering his high school years became much calmer, though still obnoxious, cocky, rebellious and rude, but much less violent. But since Vin was pouring his fiery spirit into Pokemon, battling became very competitive for him and quickly developed into an obsession. It didn't hurt that he was pretty dominant at it either. After a few years of local battling, he dropped out of high school at age 17, leaving his wild social life and friends behind as he pursued the Sinnoh League and finished 3rd by the time he was 18.
Pokemon & their attacks:
1) Name: Veni
Type: Seviper
-Poison Tail

2)Name: Stuart

Type: Empoleon
-Drill Peck


3)Name: Archie
Type: Gliscor
-X Scissor
-Ice Fang
-Sand Tomb

Auxiliary pokemon and their moves(3 max):
1) Name: Dallas
Type: Tropius
-Body Slam
-Leech Seed
-Air Slash
-Leaf Storm

2)Name: Gin
Type: Elektross
-Acid Spray
-Wild Charge
-Thunder Wave
-Dragon Tail

3)Name: Shot
Type: Mismagius
-Magic Leaf
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Sneak

Quote originally posted by NamelessGuy:
Name: Brayden Norwood

Age: 17

Character's look: Brayden is a rather tall and thin young man, with medium-length lustrous navy blue hair and pale blue eyes. He dislikes any sort of formal wear, preferring to wear a plain gray t-shirt with a black and blue jacket over top. Blue jeans and athletic sneakers complete the ensemble (refer to my avatar). As for personality, Brayden is a pretty laidback individual, not taking life too seriously. He values his friends and allies, helping them in any way he possibly can. This can sometimes be a problem, however. His chill persona often makes it difficult for him to understand crisis’s outside of the battlefield.

History: Ever since his childhood, Pokémon have played a large role in Brayden’s life. His father was once a world-renowned Trainer, having challenged the Champion at the pinnacle of his career. He narrowly lost, however, and decided to subsequently retire, as Brayden was about to be born at that time. The stories of his father’s travels were frequent bedtime stories during Brayden’s toddler/early childhood years. Hearing such stories piqued the young boy’s interest in becoming like his father.

When Brayden was about six, his father showed him his most prized Pokémon, which had faithfully served him throughout his travels. The Pokémon was a friendly yet powerful Ninetales. Brayden’s father then told him to stay strong, no matter how gruesome or troublesome the circumstance. These words would forever be etched into the young boy’s mind.

On Brayden’s tenth birthday, he awoke to find a Poke Ball sitting on his nightstand. Inside that Poke Ball would be his very first Pokémon, Vulpix, which was the first evolution to his father’s Ninetales. Attached to it was note that said but two words – “Happy Birthday!”

Ablaze with excitement, he ran downstairs to thank his parents, who told him that the time had come for him to begin his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. After a somewhat tearful goodbye, he swore he would be like his father someday, and set out his journey.

Seven years later, Brayden’s power as a Trainer is hard to match. He trains diligently, treating his Pokémon with the utmost respect. He has gained somewhat of a reputation over the past several years, triumphing over many of his opponents.

Pokémon & their attacks:

-Confuse Ray

-Cosmic Power
-Stone Edge

-Dragon Pulse
-Aerial Ace
-Dragon Dance

Auxiliary pokemon and their moves(3 max):

-Ice Beam
-Brick Break

-Thunder Wave
-Light Screen

-Energy Ball
-Nasty Plot

Quote originally posted by Curious.:
Option A - It's much easier
I think about 6 - 8 is a good amount, since we don't want a short rp.

AlsoI think I'd be better if the battlers have the choice whether they blunder and who loses and who wins since it's much eaiser and faster. Plus if we do need a looker/observant then I think their job should just ot be make sure that both players are playing fairly and even out any abnormal inconsistancies.

My Entry:

Name: Nathan
Age: 16

Nathan is medium in height and has fair skin. He appear quite young for his age and many people look down on him because of his 'trickering youth.' Nathan's eye colour isn't permenant, meaning that his eye colour changes constantly from a light grey to an array of blues and greens; even yellowish - gold. Nathan has a medium build and a meduim-pitched voice.

Because Nathan has always been a quiet acheiver yet enthusastic and bubbly at rare times, he prefers to wear cargo pants and storngly dislikes jeans that really reveal most of his body shape. He likes wearng hoodies, especially in the cold and will often look like a larger version of a rufflet. His common outfit is a velvety green short-sleeved hoodie with grey patched cargo pants. He often loves weaing grey sneakers and always carries his pokemon on his belt rather than in his bag. He always wears a watch to keep organised and loves wearing black shades when his' hoodie's off.

Nathan's personality is quiet yet eager to learn new skills. He is very intelligent often able to predict opponent's moves on their body language and tone of voice, not to mention is extensive reasearch on his opponent's battling techniques which he most of the times finds a way around them. Thoug he may be prepared sometimes he is over prepared and overlooks the simple an small things that could cost him the battle.

His organisational skills and strong love for battling has earned him a handy 16 badges.
All Kanto and Johto badges have been claimed by Nathan yet he has still to be able to collect and compete in the Heonn League, Sinnoh League and Unova League. He both has won in he Kanto and Johto leagues and has been offered two opportunities to compete in the Kanto and Johto chmpions leagues in which he has to face the corresponding Elite 4. He was originally from Johto in spite of his very Unova styled team. Though he has been aorund and achieved a lot he has been away from his family a lot which is a downfall.

Nathan's had a sucessful history, however, he has suffered quite a bit from relative losses after both his aparents died in a severe car accident. He now lives with his Grandpa and Grandma in Azelia Town. Like mentioned above he has earned 18 badges and has travelled to Unova and developed a team in which proved to be quit skillful.

Party Pokemon:

- Bulldoze
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Rockslide

- Earthquake
- Surf
- Muddy Water
- Rain Dance

- Horn Drill
- Dig
- Swords Dance
- Sandstorm

- Air Slash
- Superpower
- Hone Claws
- Agility

- Retaliate
- Reversal
- Rest
- Work Up

- Bulk Up
- Dynamic Punch
- Stone Edge
- Brick Break

Auxilliary Pokemon:

None Currently.

Quote originally posted by MichaelaTheUchiha:
Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 17

Character's look:
-Hair: Long, black hair. Usually wears it up using chopsticks.
-Eyes: Black, almond shaped.
-Clothes: Wears all black, a black t-shirt and black jeans that are easy to move around.
-Height: 5'4"
-Weight: 103lbs

Personality: Miharu is a close guarded person. She doesn't really talk and when she does; she says something sarcastic, something "brutally honest", or points out things about you that you don't want anyone to know or nobody knows about them. She is fairly paranoid and does not give out her trust easily. However, when she can see that someone is telling the truth, she relaxes just a bit in their sight, sometimes letting go of the blank mask she wears. If one can go underneath her mask, one could see that she does have emotions and has a wicked sense of humor, although many may not get her jokes. She is very responsible and if given a job, she will finish it. She is also very respectful to her elders unless she sees something in them that does not warrant her respect.

History: Miharu was born in Pallet Town, Kanto. She grew up with only her mother, she didn't know where her father was. When she was ten, instead of starting out in Kanto, she went to Sinnoh in order to start out. Before she left, her mother had given her a Ralts with Confusion as her starter pokemon. She named the Ralts Bishamon and went on her journey.

She then started defeating each league, having defeated them all (including the Battle Frontiers) when she was 16. After beating all of the gym leaders, however, she never went to the tournament at the end of the eight gym badges. Instead, she would move on to do the next region. She liked that she was nameless, she didn't need any unwanted attention.

After defeating the last Battle Frontier, she had heard about the Unova region and tried her luck there. She did beat all the gyms, but in true fashion, she did not compete at the end of the league tournament. After that, she went back to her home town and was about to petition to the Pokemon League if she could create an optional gym at Pallet Town when she got the letter saying she was invited to the Semicentennial Grand tournament. Miharu decided that it would be good if she could actually go and here she is, at the tournament.

Pokemon & their attacks:

Name: Bishamon
Type: Gallade
-Brick Break
-Night Slash

Name: Nightmare
Type: Gengar
-Shadow Ball
-Toxic Jab*
-Dark Pulse

Name: Kaida
Type: Dragonite
-Dragon Dance
-Aerial Ace
-Dragon Claw

Name: Nami
Type: Gyarados
-Dragon Dance
-Ice Fang

Name: Sabaku
Type: Nidoking
-Toxic Wave**
-Brick Break
-Rock Slide

Name: Iwa
Type: Tyranitar
-Stone Edge
-Ice Beam

Auxiliary pokemon and their moves(3 max):

Name: Satoshi
Type: Togekiss
-Aura Sphere
-Extreme Speed

Name: Aka
Type: Arcanine
-Extreme Speed
-Thunder Fang
-Dragon Pulse

Name: Nari
Type: Jolteon
-Shadow Ball
-Lightning Trap**

*Toxic Jab is pretty much a Poison Jab, except the poison is the move Toxic.
**Toxic Wave is the same as Sludge Wave, except the poison (or sludge) in the move is Toxic.
***Lightning Trap is when Jolteon unleashing electricity around hereslf. If it is not a ground type (or another pokemon with Volt Absorb/Motor Drive) then it will take damage if it gets hit by the electric current. It also has the same power as a Thunderbolt, so one might not want to get with that again, trapping it. However, this does make Nari tired and it is only used when Miharu is desperate. Although, Miharu hasn't figured out that if Nari does get tired after using it, Nari could just walk into the "Lightning Trap" herself and heal with her Volt Absorb...Hmm, idea. =P
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