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Unto defeat you must play the game . . . the Champion Game.

Chapter List
(Prologue is in this post)

Arc 1 - Parodos
01 - To Triumph Over Someone
02 - I Will Make a Wish for the Future
03 - The World of Dreams
04 - Television
05 - And Now, Something a Little Magical
06 - Great Power of a Certain Kind
07 - Golden Dream
08 - Approval
09 - I Think the Cat Has a Problem
10 - War of Stone
11 - The Fires of Battle

Arc 2 - Episode the First
12 - My House Is . . .
13 - The Blackest Night
14 - Blitzkrieg
15 - The Soldiers of Justice
16 - All-out War
17 - As Long As I Live
18 - Peace
19 - Freedom
20 - Solarbeam
21 - More Dreams
22 - Green and Black

Arc 3 - Parabasis the First
23 - Festival of the Sky
24 - Soar
25 - Wings Have We
26 - Every Clap of Thunder
27 - Catch Your Breath

Arc 4 - Episode the Second
28 - Words of Power
29 - It's a Troublesome Life
30 - How Far We've Come
31 - Coruscation
32 - The Gods Wait to Delight In You
33 - The Circus of Circumstance
34 - Boo
35 - Invidia et Ira
36 - Can We Please Focus?
37 - Stranger Things Have Happened (coming soon)

0.1 - A Very Misheard Christmas (Non-canon Christmas party with the cast of SGTG)

NB: All chapters you see named here at any given time are completed and ready to go, with the exception of the last one on the list which is usually the one in progress.

Sleep Comes Slowly

Five years.

That was how long it had taken him. Just fifty-nine months, nineteen days, and he was the Champion. It was almost a joke.

Ren rolled over in his bed, burying his head deeper in his pillow. It was almost physically impossible to stay awake, and yet something . . . something was nagging at him. He knew he should be happy. He had finally made real the goal of his childhood, the goal of so many thousands of aspiring Trainers the world over. He had done what so few had done before, and all before his fifteenth birthday. Just two days ago, he had stood in the Hall of Fame, head high, as the previous Champion bowed out and inscribed his name upon the hallowed list. There had been a whirl of media attention, cameras and press conferences, interviews and talk shows. In such a short time, he had become Hoenn's favourite teenager.

So why . . . why did he feel so empty?

Frustrated, Ren rolled over onto his back again, glaring up at the ceiling. The room was dark and bare; the only decoration was a dusty chest of drawers under the window. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling, dim and cold, barely visible in the weak trickle of moonlight that spilled between the dust-heavy curtains. Of course there was no sign of life in the room – it was his first time sleeping in it in nearly five years. When he had left on his tenth birthday, he had packed up all his toys, his books and photos, and stored them away in the attic. He hadn't returned once in all that time; never long enough to stay the night, at least.

It was all returning to him now. It wasn't that he'd forgotten his childhood; all he'd done was pack it up in those boxes with his toys. When he'd set out to become a Pokemon Trainer, Ren had put the first ten years of his life behind him, dismissing them as a pointless necessity, a stepping stone to where he wanted to be.

Ren shook his head wryly. He'd come full circle. In five years, he'd travelled all over the Hoenn region and overseas, beaten thirteen Gym Leaders, won the Ever Grande Conference, defeated the Elite Four, and finally taken down the Champion. And now . . . now he was back where he'd started. The irony was almost amusing.

So if I've returned to where I started . . . have I really succeeded in going anywhere at all?

Finally, Ren started to feel the dark haze of sleep overcome him, and he welcomed it gratefully.
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