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Hi can i be added? Here's my trainer SU:

Trainer Name: Pkmn Trainer Jaden Fox.


Personnality:Jaden are a Brave type also a calm type too,she's like to help persons and like she's Pokemon (Of course) when she's see a weird person (or strange) she's act like a strange person,with she's friends like a normal person , with parents a normal person too.She's ready to get her first Pokemon of the Pokemon Professor of Nivilon Region,Professor Alzinnith.She's decide to pick a Riolu.

Appearance:My Character is like...she's have a Black and Yellow hat , a red uniform....she's bag are in a steel form,she's shorts are black too,the Tennis are White and just a little red she's hear are black.She's like a...Brave and Calm type...She's favourite Pokemon are a Lucario.(i am the avatar of my profile.And if i cant be the character of my avatar PM me.)

Starter Pokemon:
Moves:Quick Attack,Endure
The rest the same as a normal Riolu.

(Can you PM me if i made a error?)
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