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Quote originally posted by mikhaild:
hi. would you have any interest on an eved ampharos? im interested in your eved roserade, weavile, and raichu. if the roserade is female, ill take it. if not, then the weavile instead (only if its female). if it isnt, then the raichu (if its male).

do you mind cloning the ampharos for me, and giving me 2 of the roserade/weavile/raichu?

also, are they fine for redistribution?

I will check for gender on Tuesday for you, please just remind me!!

Quote originally posted by Ziye249235:
My fc is 0175 0837 0382 if your interested in trading
What trade were you asking for please??
Quote originally posted by Rionix:
Nice to see your shop getting open again my friend :D

*consider this as a bump for this wonderful and very amusing person*
Thank for that, greatly appreciated!!
Quote originally posted by 1DarkraiMaster:
Magmar lv10 Rash ID 60114
pokepark pichu?
Do I have a pokepark pichu??

Quote originally posted by Palkiacatcher:
YAY! Back open :DDD but I am SUPER SUPER SUPER interested in the TRUTH Gyarados.

I have a bunch of RNG'd pokes in my 4th Gen but what are you willing to trade it away for?

I could also get it cloned if you want?
I can clone, no problem, but... what kind of RNG's do you have please??
Quote originally posted by johnny18:
RNC, Can you check my thread for the
TRUTH Gyarados? Can I also have it in my 5th gen please?
Now you know better, I do not check, you need to offer some thing I do not have please!!
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