Thread: [Gen V] B/W Comp. Team V2.
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@Spinosaurus Yeah i think entry hazards would really help my team, especially for the likes of Jolteon who I use to try pick weak pokemon off on the switch. And most people have a counter for Ferrothorn nowadays. I don't know who I'd replace for a ghost type though, Starmie can usually KO most with a specs Psychic. But I'll definatly consider it thanks!

@Conjurer I was thinking of swapping Gallade for something with priority! The only thing Gallade can learn with priority is Shadow Sneak and he's not got enough bulk to set up. I used a special attacking Lucario ingame and he's one of my faves so I'll try adding one thanks, but it looks like Conkeldurr is one of the best fighting pokemon around atm.