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Well I've been able to follow work on your game for quite a while due to being on Deviant art.

Though I've never been much of a fan of a lot of the game due to the fact that the sprites and in general, the messyness of the graphics as a whole. By looking at your "fake screens", I see a complete clash in style. The graphics are more or less a mixture of FRLG and DPP, with generation 5 overworlds, which do not look well on these maps. I like that you have a nice choice in starter selection, but I have to say that the sprites for them could be a lot better, I would recommend working on those a bit.

I'm not entirely sure how the player is going to be involved in the storyline, I think that the player needs an objective, one that will cause them to cross paths with the antagonist parties. But here all I learned was that they graduate from the academy and go on an adventure. So I think you could maybe expand somewhat on these things.

Anyway, I know you've been workng on this a while, so I wish you luck, and try tightening up those sprites and such, they could be a let down if you don't execute them well enough.
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