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Sorry, I'm not going to add a new region, because I don't know how to make the boat move when you're on it. Thus, I probably wouldn't if I did know. What I might add would be Johto, if I found enough space which I have in Advance Map. So if you want me to add Johto I will. But you're still starting from Pallet Town. I'm going to add Mew as well. Mewtwo is already in the game. (Cerulean Cave still there) I'm also planning to add the 3 Beasts if I'm adding Johto. So please answer! Should I add Johto!
Also there isn't just one Legendary Pokemon:
Mewtwo-Cerulean Cave
Ho-Oh-Navel Rock
Lugia-Navel Rock
Deoxys-Birth Island
Moltres-Mt. Ember
Articuno-Seafoam Islands
Zapdos-Power Plant
Entei-Mirage Cave
Mew-Mirage Cave
Celebi-Mirage Cave
Suicune-Mirage Cave
Raikou-Mirage Cave
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