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WARSTORY = HEARTSTORY was my first thoughts upon reading this. I think it was supposed to be a good though too, it better be, because this was a damned good read.
I'll gladly admit it, I laughed loudly at the Wacan Manaphy set because I've also faced one (yeah, that was WAAAAAY back in the beginnings of B/W OU, when Drizzle was unbanned and me and Wolf had a fun battle (both running rain teams haha), he had encored my Gorebyss into Shell Smash with Wobba, and switched in Manaphy for a "free tail glow", yet I rode out the encore and stood there at +6 spa and speed, ready to wreck his team with HP Elec - and there it was, Wacan Manaphy, taking 93% of its health and I didn't have rocks up. I lost.) I think the point of that rambling was something along the lines of "lovely alternative sets that work".. eh yeah haha.

Great battle. Pity that neither the 50% nor the 80% chance to win flipped in your favor, but then again if you make a warstory out of a losing battle, it is even more likely to become great, imo. As for your Quaza weakness, you could always scarf Dialga I guess? You could always try goading DD Quaza into Outrage 4 ferro or something like that, but eh.

Did I mention that I loved this battle? Also don't take anything from D_A, he hacks his pokes and you know it, getting Giratina-O from his pearl cartridge
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