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Hey guys! I'm going away for about a week without Internet, but I'll see if I can keep on hunting. I've been dual hunting Palkia/Johto starters all week, but yesterday I decided to go after the easiest shiny to get: LG Game Corner Abra! You can get 83 per SR, "lol." I can get 4 Abra in the time it takes to get one Palkia, "lol," so hopefully I'll be able to get one soon.

747 Abra
4477 Palkia

I might have a try at the contest in Black; I'll probably do 100 encounters each.

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shiny seviper
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shiny spinda
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Congrats! Awesome shinies!

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Hello everyone Still no luck on Snivy, but I am dual SRing since I reached the point on Emerald where I can get Rayquaza, I am going to SR for him at the same time as Snivy!
I don't think you should SR in Emerald - the RNG is going to keep on giving you the same Pokemon!! Could you SR for Rayquaza in HG or SS instead?
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