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The new BETA is out, it doesn't have every feature that the old one had though. (I think), It has what I can remember. Celebii, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Deoxys, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Mewtwo and Mew available. As well as being able to face Red, Green, Sapphire, Ruby and Blue. You can face Prof. Oak. Gym Leader Rematches.
What's better:
National Dex should be gotten at the start by Prof. Oak
Most of the text has been De-Capitalized.
You can go up to New Bark Town (Not planning to add Cherrygrove I'm out of free space)
This time to get to Tohjo Falls you've got to go through Route 27 & 26 WITH TRAINERS! D:
(I was planning to add a Tri-Pokemon from the Manga but gave up on that idea).
This one actually works! I tested it out to see.
The Glitches have been fixed since it was made from a new Fire Red ROM. The only problems would be the [RIVAL] calling Prof. Oak, Gramps in the aftergame.
Game can still be finished. Only there's still CAPS in the aftergame.
Next BETA.
Bugs, Glitches Fix.
I'm hoping to add Yellow, Crystal, Gold and Silver. (Currently Gold and Silver are only Kids in New Bark Town) (That would mean I need a Spriter)

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