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@Impo: I'm actually fairly happy with yours considering I tend to avoid Anime stocks, but yeah, hope you like it!

(With or without a border for you to decide).

Your request was surprisingly difficult. Of all the Harry Potter images on the internet, 90% are all the dark and gloomy ones, 6% are of the actors not in the film, and 3% are too low quality / too small to work with.
Hope this one is ok!

@Artemis: I can do that one for you, but because your text is your name / title and doesn't actually give me anything to work with, I can fashion you something that I think sort of fits, but if you want to make your request a little more specific (cartoon/real life stock, a particular colour, a theme [dark, happy]) then I'll give you the chance to do so, so you get something you will like more rather than me trying to guess at things you like.

Remember to give credit everyone!
Thanks for requesting guys! Keep bringing on these lucky dips! :D