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My team when ending Unova was....

"Opposite" the Samurott

Because he was my "Opposite" in this journey and I thought that was a cool name. :D

"Muscatell" the Cohagrigus

Actually named after the wine, Muscatel, which was something I found in the dictionary one day at school. If I ever got wifi, to advoid anyone pointing it out and possibly getting it banned for having an inappropriate name, added the extra "l" as my exuse. XD;

"Nana-Nana" the Scrafty
I got Black when I was in my school's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" production, and anyone who knows the song "Benjamin Calypso" also knows that during the song, in the it, girls sing "Banana, Banana, Banana, Banana, Banan-Banana" during the "LaLaLa-LaLa, LaLaLa, LaLaLa-LaLa, LaLa~"

However, in our play, the girls started out by saying "Banana-Nana" instead of "Banan-Banana." So guess how I came up with it now. :3

"Rellow" the Emolga
I thinking about names, having figured out that Emolga hid in tall grass right before my flying-type gym challenge. I thought yellow might be a good name, but, the Pokemon was yellow itself. Cliche a bit.

I thought about different colors, like Red. I liked that color to. In fact, it is my favorite.
Hm.... Red and Yellow combined, perhaps? >:D

"Vudette" the Maractus
It was a girl, so I thought maybe "Dudette." But that didn't rest easy with me.

So switched "D" with "V." Did the trick. :3

"Zinno" the Beartic
Honesty, came out of my head on the spot. It doesn't really mean anything or has some awesome story behind it like the others.

But having no story is a story in itself, right? ^w^"

I was constantly switching out members of my team, but this is what my roster turned out to be. I like them all, but maybe next time I go through a game it will be Nuzlocke. The last time I did one of those I grew to loving each and every single one of my team, having the perfect image of what they really looked like to me that described their personality.
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