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Red paused for a moment to look around. There was no main path for him to follow, so he could easily get lost. He silently thanked the fact that it wasn’t night time. He didn’t know what kind of Pokemon could poise a threat to him in this forest at night, and he sure as hell didn’t want to. Then an idea popped into his head, and he released Charmander from his Poke Ball. The lizard growled with joy as he breathed the fresh air into his lungs. He placed his gleaming eyes upon Red, who smiled, before focusing his attention on his surroundings.

Red and Charmander silently surveyed their area before continuing in the direction the trainer was already heading in. Then, out of the corner of his eye, Red noticed a Pokemon squirming through the bushes. It was a tiny, larval Pokemon whose segmented body was covered in thick, brown hair. The Pokemon crawled around on its little pink feet as it curiously checked its surroundings. It turned around and laid its small, beady black eyes upon Red and Charmander, who were silently staring right back. The trainer immediately and instinctively pointed his hand out while voicing a command in a strong voice, “Charmander, use Scratch attack!”

Even though the Weedle Red’s Pokemon was now chasing for had sharp, poisonous stingers on both the top of its head and tip of its tail that it could easily use to defend itself, fear overtook its eyes as Charmander approached with fangs bared. Red was confident that this was going to be another easy capture, but his hopes were quickly dashed as Weedle shot white string out of its large, pink nose. Charmander was taken by surprise as the sticky string wrapped around his legs and caused him to crash to the ground. Weedle escaped as quickly as it could.


Red rushed to his Pokemon’s side and helped it up to its feet. The Pokemon had to stand a certain way so he wouldn’t fall with the sticky string that was wrapped around his legs. Red had to use effort in pulling the string off, but he still managed to remove it. Just as he tossed the string aside, another Pokemon entered Red’s peripheral vision.

This Pokemon too was larval and small, but it was much different in appearance than Weedle. This Pokemon’s skin was green on top and yellow on bottom. It’s bright red antennae lightly shook as it sensed its surroundings. Quickly wanting to jump on another chance to capture a Pokemon after failing in his previous attempt, he pointed his hand outward again and commanded Charmander to attack. The lizard carried out his order, rushing towards the bug Pokemon with a determined look in his eyes.

Caterpie released the same silky string from its mouth that Weedle had attacked with earlier. Charmander was wise to the attack now, and quickly dodged out of the way. Caterpie looked surprised that the fire Pokemon had dodged its attack, and began an attempt to run away. However, it was to slow for the speedy lizard, who struck it with his sharp claws. Caterpie cried in agony as it flew backwards. Charmander proceeded to spin around and slam it with his tail, causing the bug Pokemon to fly backwards further and hit a tree.

Caterpie clenched its eyes shut as Red drew an empty Poke Ball out of his pocket. He threw the ball towards the weakened bug, who didn’t even know what was occurring. It opened its eyes and looked around the Poke Ball it was now safely contained in, but was too weak to make any struggle for freedom. Red smiled as he walked towards the Poke Ball which contained yet another new Pokemon for him. Charmander proudly watched as his trainer picked the ball up and scan it with the PokeDex device. Caterpie was a female, and her only known moves were Tackle and String Shot. Red listened closely to her PokeDex data report.

“Caterpie, the worm Pokemon. The suction pads on the bottom of its body allows it to easily scale walls and trees. Evolves very quickly, so it is a popular pick among beginning trainers.”

Red took interest in this new Pokemon and released it from its Poke Ball, despite just defeating and capturing it. Caterpie tiredly exhaled as she opened its large eyes to view her new trainer. She felt stripped of her feelings as a wild Pokemon, so she felt like she was in a different setting in the forest that she barely knew she would no longer call home. She flinched in fear as her trainer crouched down and reached his hands towards her. Even though she first felt the instinct to spray the sticky white string at the boy, her fear dissipated as she noticed how comfortable it felt resting in his arms as he held her. She looked too weak and damaged to walk, let alone keep up with him and Charmander.

Nearly a day and a half passed as Red aimlessly wandered around the forest with no sense of direction. At night, Red simply slept with Charmander on guard. His starter Pokemon seemed to receive an immense time outside of his Poke Ball, much to his delight. Caterpie had also remained outside her Poke Ball since being released. She simply watched as Red’s other Pokemon battled wild ones and ones belonging to other trainers. Spearow, Nidoran, and Charmander each managed to score at least one victory, if not more.

Caterpie looked inspired to battle as she watched Charmander battle a wild Pidgey that was foolish enough to swoop in for a sneak attack. The fire Pokemon sent the bird packing, with black burn marks over its body from a scorching ember attack. Seeing how cool victory looked, she leapt out of Red’s arms and onto the soft, forest ground. She then proceeded to gain his full attention as she looked up to him and tried to say something, although Red couldn’t understand a word.

Caterpie then ran over to a near by tree and crawled up the side of it. Red didn’t attempt to stop her, as he could somehow tell she wasn’t running away. The trainer and Charmander curiously watched as Caterpie held onto the tree and released a large amount of the white string up into the air. The sticky string showered over her entire body and covered it completely. Then, her body began to glow a bright, white color. Red was amazed at the miracle he was witnessing as Caterpie’s body grew in size and hardened into a thick, green shell.

Red didn’t need his PokeDex to know that he just watched Caterpie evolve into Metapod, which stayed stuck to the side of the tree. The Pokemon was now a large, green cocoon. The hard outer shell was meant to protect its soft, developing body inside for the next stage of evolution. Red pried the motionless Metapod from the tree and held it in his arms. She stared at her trainer with a blank expression as he pulled his backpack off. While the main pocket had already been filled with some important journey items, he still managed to squeeze Metapod’s body inside of it, though most of its body stuck out.

After walking through the forest some more with Charmander at his side and Metapod in his backpack, Red eventually ran into another trainer. This boy carried a net over his shoulder, a much appropriate tool for capturing bug type Pokemon. In his other hand, he held a small red box which held his items. The boy approached Red, noticing his Metapod.

“Howdy, the name’s Clint. So I see you got yourself a Metapod right there.” Clint said as he tipped his straw hat before pointing to Red’s Pokemon, though it looked like he was pointing at Red.

“Hey, I’m Red. And yeah, I just caught it the other day.” Red proudly nodded.

“Haha then, do you wanna see what Metapod will evolve into? Let‘s battle!” Clint suggested.

Red’s eyes lit up at the offer of a Pokemon battle, but he seemed more interested in the mentioning of what to expect from Metapod. He knew he couldn’t deny the offer, and muttered “Let’s do this.” with a serious tone in his voice and a determined look in his eyes. He and Clint stood away from one another, each with a Poke Ball in hand. Though Red’s first instinct was to call Charmander to the battlefield, he decided it was Nidoran’s turn, and released her from the ball. The bug catcher examined the female Pokemon before releasing his Pokemon onto the battlefield.

“Go, Butterfree!”

In the white flash of energy, his Pokemon emerged, flapped its wings and freely flew in the air. Butterfree’s wings were beautiful in design, decorated with several black markings. It’s antennas twitched as it sensed the Nidoran it was called upon to combat. It stared at the poison Pokemon with its large, red eyes and awaited for a command from its trainer. Red watched Butterfree in amazement as it seemed to grace the air with its presence. Metapod could also sense that her evolution was nearby, and silently envied it. Red broke away from his trance to call for an attack.

“Nidoran, use your Poison Sting!”

“Butterfree, dodge and use Tackle!”

Nidoran carried out her trainers command as soon as he uttered it. She released the multitude of poison barbs from her mouth, but Butterfree effortlessly dodged as it gracefully fluttered through the air. Its trainer stood confidently as the butterfly Pokemon flew towards Nidoran in the air at a high speed. Red then commanded Nidoran to use her scratch attack. When it appeared as if Nidoran’s claws were going to successfully strike, the bug catcher ordered Butterfree to pull back and use a gust attack. A powerful gust of wind pushed Nidoran back a bit, but she successfully stood against the attack until it ceased.

“Nidoran, we’re gonna have to be careful about that gust, now use a Poison Sting again!”

“Butterfree, dodge again and use Confusion!”

Nidoran attempted to inflict damage upon Butterfree once more with a fury of poisonous barbs, but to no avail. Red seemed frustrated as the butterfly Pokemon effortlessly dodged his every attack. Then, a purple energy began to glow and charge in the bug types antenna. Before she knew it, a purple beam of energy shot out towards Nidoran and shocked her. When the attack ceased, she dizzily walked from side to side.

“Nidoran, try to jump up at it and use Scratch!”

Red expected Nidoran to carry out his command without fail, but he looked surprised when she proceeded to run head first into a tree. The bug catcher was amused to see Nidoran in a confused state, and stalled. Red issued another command, but his Pokemon proceeded to ram her head into the tree again. With cheeks rosy red in embarrassment, he held up her Poke Ball and returned her in the red beam of light.

“Got any other Pokemon you’d like to try out against Butterfree?” The bug catcher teased.

Red grinded his teeth as he thought about what he could do. Instead of calling upon Charmander who was still standing by his side, he called upon Spearow. The red winged bird Pokemon squawked loudly as it flew in the air. Before Red could even issue a command, Spearow took to the instincts he still had from when he was wild and rushed into battle, beak first.

“I didn’t even tell you what to do yet, Spearow! What’re you doing!?” Red angrily exclaimed.

“Haha, this should be easy.” Clint laughed before continuing, “Butterfree, dodge and use Gust!”

Spearow attempted to strike Butterfree with a peck attack, but the butterfly Pokemon pushed its body backwards with its wings while quickly flapping them at the same time. Spearow was unable to fly against the strong current of wind that blew right in its path, and got knocked back. The bird Pokemon was still able to remain airborne, however; it caught itself and gave Butterfree an angry glare while loudly squawking.

“Let’s try this again Spearow, use Fury Attack!”

This time, Spearow actually listened to Red’s command. The bird Pokemon flew as quickly as it could towards the awaiting Butterfree. Clint ordered a confusion attack, but Spearow was quick enough to dodge the attack by spinning out of the way, proceeding to return in its attack. The bug Pokemon was surprised by Spearow’s speed, who managed to successfully strike it multiple times. When Butterfree was able to regain momentum and dodge, it had an angry look in its eyes. Red ordered Spearow to use a Fury Attack, though it still seemed to be acting on its own, as it moved before it’s trainer made a command.

“Butterfree, use Sleep Powder!”

<What’s Sleep Powder?>

Red thought to himself as Butterfree flew towards Spearow. Though at first it seemed like a bad idea, the butterfly Pokemon merely lifted upwards before the bird could strike, releasing a shining blue powder from its wings at the same time. Spearow went right through the powder, and in no time it began to descend to the ground. It made a loud thud when it hit the ground below while Butterfree descended and floated near Clint. Red approached Spearow and picked the Pokemon off the ground, and it was sleeping peacefully.

“I think that’s a good demonstration of what Butterfree can do.” Clint commented as Red returned Spearow.

“Yeah, you’re right!”

Red exclaimed as he pulled Metapod out of his backpack so she could see Butterfree. The shell Pokemon’s eyes glittered as she laid them upon her majestic evolution form.

“Fun battle by the way, we should have a rematch some time!” Clint said as he smiled and gave a thumbs up.

“You’re right, that sounds like a good idea!” Red said with a courageous look in his eyes.

The two Pokemon trainers shook hands and proceeded to continue on their separate paths. Red’s thoughts centered around the battle he just took place in, he didn’t even care that he lost. He proudly looked down to the Metapod he held in his arms, excited to know that she too will be a Butterfree one day. Charmander, who was still walking besides Red, crossed his arms in jealousy that he didn’t get to battle and that Metapod was receiving all the attention.

The trainer looked up to the sky, and his eyes looked up to the sky and looked surprised. The Pokemon battle seemed to make time flash forward, as the sun above was painting the sky orange with its setting over the horizon. Before he knew it, Red could begin to see the stars of the night sky. He sighed with the thought of how never ending the Viridian Forest seemed to be, and found a spot he deemed safe behind some trees when he found himself beginning to tire.

Red held Metapod up, who proceeded to shoot the white string out of the top of its body to hang up in the tree. The trainer then slung his backpack off and grabbed his pillow and a blanket with some grass stains from the night before. Charmander laid on his side and yawned as his trainer sat up against a tree, who had one Poke Ball in each hand, belonging to Nidoran and Spearow. He would have had them out too, but they were tired from the battle against the powerful Butterfree. Red’s thoughts again centered around having his own. He then laid his head on the pillow and dozed off.

Hours had passed, and the night was echoing with movements of nocturnal Pokemon. Then, a buzzing noise of wings quickly flapping began to sound. This woke up Charmander, who got up to see what was going on. What he saw heading his way would have scared anyone, for it was a swarm of red eyed and black striped yellow bees with large, sharp and threatening most likely poisonous stingers. Charmander’s eyes grew wide with fear, and proceeded to wake his trainer up. Red woke up and turned his head to see the Beedrill swarm heading right in his direction.

“Charmander, get down!”

Red exclaimed in fear with a powerful, commanding voice. He and Charmander then proceeded to lay as flat as they could on their stomachs, waiting for the swarm to pass. Red only turned his head up when he heard the sound of his Metapod yelling, and what he saw immediately put him in a state of worry, for he saw one of the Beedrill flying away with Metapod in between its stingers. He didn’t know what the Beedrill intended to do with his Metapod, nor did he want to know. He and Charmander gave chase, sprinting as fast as they could; barely following behind the swarm.

Red chased them through a part of the forest and into a large opening. He and Charmander hid behind a bush while panting, tired from the run they just made. The Beedrill holding Metapod merely dropped her on the ground. She was safe in her hard shell, though, so it didn’t harm her. While some Beedrill proceeded to some of the trees that directly surrounded the area, a few of them buzzed around his Metapod and seemed to be conversing. The shell Pokemon had the look of fear in her eyes as her brain buzzed with confusion as to where her trainer was.

Red watched for a few minutes but broke his silence when one of the Beedrill powerfully jabbed its stingers outwards. Although the trainer could understand Pokemon speech, he gained the idea that the Beedrill were planning to kill and eat his Metapod. His eyes widened with fear of the thought, as that was most likely the reality. Immediately, his brained hatched with an idea and he released Nidoran and Spearow from their Poke Ball’s. Nidoran silently stood, as she was curious to what was going on. Spearow attempted to fly towards the first Pokemon it saw, being the Beedrill, but Red caught it and stopped it in its tracks.

“Spearow, you need to listen to me right now!” Red emphasized his words, which got through to the bird Pokemon. He let Spearow down, who was now giving Red it’s full attention along with Charmander and Nidoran, all three curiously gazing up at him. “Alright guys, Metapod is in trouble, those Beedrill over there captured her. We need to save her, but I’m going to have to ask you guys to use everything you got… This could get dangerous.”

All three Pokemon nodded, although Charmander gulped. Spearow gave a reluctant look, but knew that it had to listen to Red right now. Nidoran looked out to the Beedrill with a courageous look in her eyes. Then the trainer looked down to them and asked “You guy’s ready?” in his most serious of tones. All three Pokemon nodded, and then he exclaimed “Let’s go!”, then he and all three of his Pokemon charged towards the Beedrill.

The Beedrill turned their heads and one signaled a command with its stinger pointed in the air. The bee Pokemon who were falling asleep in the trees rose into the air. This was going to be an all out battle royal, but Red was dangerously outnumbered. However, he didn’t care, for all he wanted to do was get his Metapod back.

Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

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