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Originally Posted by Limitless View Post
Team Trials

Team Trials is meant to test how well three players operate together as a team. Each player will play one of three tiers, ADV OU, DPP OU, or BW OU. Every round, teams will be paired against each other, and whichever team gets at least two wins advances.

There are two ways to join this tournament. The first is to have all three members of a team post, confirming they are a part of the team. The other is to sign up as a free agent for one or more tier. If a team only consists of two players, they may call on you as a free agent to join up with them. If there are still open spots for teams at the end of the sign ups, I will use free agents to make the last teams.

Basic Battle Rules
  • Species Clause
-You cannot have two or more of the same species of a Pokémon on your team.
-- Example: You cannot have two Charmander on your team.
  • Uber Clause
- Pokémon in the "Uber" tier list are not allowed to be on your team (besides the Pokemon listed in the special rules section). These Pokemon are subject to the tier that you are playing.
-- Because they have not been officially released, Keldeo, Meloetta (both formes), and Genesect may not be used on any team.
  • Sleep Clause
- You cannot put two of your opponent's Pokémon asleep at the same time.
-- Using moves that put your own Pokémon to sleep like rest will not trigger the Sleep Clause.
  • Evasion Clause
- A Pokémon cannot use moves or items that directly increase its evasion stat.
-- Sand Veil and Snow Cloak do not break this clause. BrightPowder and Lax Incense do break this clause.
  • Freeze Clause
- You cannot freeze two of your opponent's Pokémon.
OHKO Clause
- A Pokémon cannot use moves OHKO moves.
-- Example: Fissure
  • Self-KO Clause
- If both players are down to one Pokémon each, you are not allowed to use a move that KOs both Pokémon to force a tie.
-- If a recoil damage move forces a tie, then the Self-KO Clause does not trigger. Please notify Limitless if this happens during your match.


1. Team TBD
ADV: Kevin Garrett
DPP: Wolflare
BW: Karpman

2. Team TBD
ADV: .Aero
DPP: Vrai
BW: Spinosaurus

3. The A-Team
DPP: Cartercr
BW: Irrelevant Pride

4. Team TBD
ADV: Suicunelover44
DPP: Over Yonder
BW: Riptide26

5. Team TBD
ADV: 47bennyg
DPP: Limitless
BW: dragonomega

Round 1:

Team TBD [2] vs Team TBD [1]
ADV: .Aero vs Kevin Garrett
DPP: Vrai vs Wolflare
BW: Spinosaurus vs Karpman

Team TBD [1] vs The A-Team [1]
ADV: 47bennyg vs PDC
DPP: Limitless vs Cartercr
BW: dragonomega vs Irrelevant Pride

Team TBD [3]
ADV: Suicunelover44
DPP: Over Yonder
BW: Riptide26
Could I please sign in? If not, could you inform me? If I'm in, could you also inform me?