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This is the OOC/SU thread for Legendary Evolutions.

Legendary Evolution RP Thread

Legendary Spaces Left: 37.

Spaces Reserved:

Mewtwo - Ace Goldstein (toptheworld)
Giratina - Ray Alton (Domo Genesis)
Mew - Mia Joans (fortworth96)
Articuno - Edward Blair (Nideous)
Virizion - Henri Layton (Almondeyes)
Lugia - Miharu Mizushima (MichaelaTheUchiha)
Manaphy - Lucas Salem (kitred123)
Darkrai - Marcus Harvey "Marc" Grayson (Mick Fizz)
Shaymin - Shayla Abigail Rose (chef30)


Legendaries, after being caught, can only be in captivity for so long until nature starts to shift. A new council of elite trainers from all five regions have decided that releasing these Pokemon will help restore the Earth to it's original state. And it has. A new law has been set for all regions that the capture of Legendaries is now illegal.

So in 2030, Pokemon and Humans are coexisting peacefully and happily. Legendaries are free to roam as they like, and are helping keeping everything in balance.

But recently, things are starting to shift again. And worse than last time. Caves are starting become sunny, grass is starting to change colours, rocks and concrete are crumbling beneath steps. The Pokemon World is no longer safe. Pokemon and Humans alike are starting to feel the effects of a dangerous world. And they have to find the Legendaries to stop it.

But they're all missing.

Not for long though.

Soon enough, people start going missing too. Not a lot, but enough to get people worried. Exactly 46 of them. One person short of the amount of Legendaries that are missing. What is going on?

This is where you arrive.

Professor Lor has found a device that can absorb a Pokemon's soul without the actual body being absorbed, taking it's memories, abilities, everything. Said professor intends to use this on Legendaries to take over the world, creating a super-Legendary in the body of Arceus, the god Pokemon. But one day, before the final step, the device shatters from too much energy, letting all the souls roam free. But knowing that if they return to their bodies they'll get killed, the Legendary souls fly off to their home regions in search of a human that is damaged in their soul to allow room for the soul of a Legendary.

These humans are humans that have been hurt in any form that still hold a grudge, allowing the Legendaries to capture a space in their body. Now, two minds are in one body. The human starts to take the Legendaries qualities, including physical attributes, forcing them to leave the public and meet with the other Legendaries across the five different regions in a plan to defeat Professor Lor and save Arceus from his/her wrath, and to restore Earth to it's natural state again.

Meeting Place
Liberty Island, Victini's home.

Age (can change based on legendary):
Physical Appearance (can change based on legendary) (not necessary if you have a picture)
Personality (can change based on legendary)
Reason for Grudge: (can be private but must specify PRIVATE)
Picture: (optional but preferred)


1) If the Legendary starts speaking, either specify by italics or bolds, or specify in the text that said Legendary is speaking.

2) Since there happen to feuds between Legendaries, humanoid version of Legendaries will be more prone to grudges to other Legendaries based on history, so keep that in mind. This also applies to friendships.

3) Finally, a humanoid will gain all memories and some of the abilities of Legendaries as well. More abilities can be unlocked as time passes.

4) As GM, I will play Professor Lor.

5) To start the roleplay, we will need a minimum of 10 Humanoid Legendaries. You can start your introductions when all 10 are revealed and I give the get-go.

6) You may have up to two legendaries. You may not use legendaries that are at all similar or related. This rule is subject to change based on how many members. Please start with one Legendary only. EDIT: You may now add another Legendary to your list if you wish.

7) You may use OOC brackets, but only when saying you are leaving. No spam.
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