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I've been dabbling around in RMXP, and Essentials and I've decided I'm actually going to commit and try my hands at making a Pokemon game. So, bear with me as I attempt to describe in detail about what my goals are.

The Oubur Region was created when floating islands came together, and formed one large island. The currents of the ocean caused the islands to stay in-tact, and form one huge island which is now known as Oubur. As soon as the island was formed Pokemon began flocking, and migrating to the new region and bringing with them trainers. Trainers began exploring the new region, and catching the new species of Pokemon that were inhabiting. Soon enough, a population was formed, and towns were being built. As people were settling in, some strange phenomena began happening.

People reported chilling winds blowing through their towns, and snow-fall in the summer. Crops were dying in the sudden frigid temperatures, and some people got very sick with the sudden temperate changes. For months the freezing temperature remained, and people began moving away. Then, as soon as the cold temperature came it vanished with a sudden heat-wave, which melted all the snow and ice, which brought everything back into balance.

It was soon discovered that the cause of the weather phenomena came from two Legendary Pokemon whom controlled the climate in the Oubur Region. Trainers began flocking back to the islands to see if they see, and possibly capture one of these Pokemon but no-one had the luck. These Pokemon were never seen, never heard and most-importantly nobody knew what they looked like.

You'll take the role of a "Hero" who's just recently moved to the Oubur Region after the death of your parents, and you become interested with the weather phenomena, and decide to investigate what's going on. And most importantly, find out why everyone wants to capture one of these Legendary Pokemon.

The Hero

A boy/girl who moves to Oubur Region after the tragic death of his/her parents. They move in with their Grandmother in the hopes of becoming a better Pokemon Trainer, and unraveling the mystery behind the deaths, and what's going on in the Oubur Region.

The Starters

Nutrel - Field Mouse Pokemon (Grass Starter)
Charbro - Small Cow Pokemon (Fire Starter)
Slink - Amphibian Pokemon (Water Starter)

Nutrel - The Field Mouse Pokemon
Nutrel are very shy, and timid Pokemon and are hardly ever seen in groups. They've been known off to give off a rather disgusting scent when alarmed. They tend to run into trees to knock down the fruit they eat.

Charbro - The Small Cow Pokemon
Charbro usually make their homes inside the rim of a volcano. When mating, the Charbro who can remain in the lava the longest wins the female. Males who lose the mating ritual are removed from the colony, and sent to live on their own.

Slink - The Amphibian Pokemon
Slink's are usually found in small ponds, and rivers and feast on algae and small fish. They usually don't make much contact with other Pokemon, but when threatened they'll put up a fight.

*Note - The Starters are in the beginning stages. They will be updated.

Main Characters:

Professor Cedar

Professor Cedar used to be one of Professor Oak's aides, and is now a fully fledged Pokemon Professor whom is studying the diseases, and sicknesses found in Pokemon. He gives your starter after telling you about the volcano situation, and asks you to find out more about what's happening.


Magnus is the leader of Squad 7 (better names are welcomed) which is the group attempting to erupt Mt. Ishmir which in turn would cause the lava/magma to flow across the entire region destroying everything, and pretty much killing everyone. He's kind of stuck-up, and doesn't care whom he harms to get his job done. Players will also find out some dark secrets about him later on the game that clear up a few loose ends.


Tyson is the best friend of the hero, and also the leader of the support group called "PokeLife" who's goal is to stop Magnus, and his plans for erupting the volcano. He meets the Hero after they obtain their first badge and immediately become friends. Try to imagine an environmental protection agency, but for Pokemon.

Gym Leaders/Elite 4:

Gym Leader - Blackroot Town
Types - Grass
Korbin specializes in Grass Pokemon. I'm trying to decide what Pokemon he's going to have as his team, and I'm stuck at the moment. Suggestions are welcomed.

Gym Leader - Aquaria City
Types - Water
Sheldon specializes in Water Pokemon. He wears some odd crown on his head, and calls himself the King Of The Sea. Suggestions for his Pokemon are welcomed.

Gym Leader - Crispe Village
Types - Fire
Blaze uses Fire types. The current Pokemon I'm thinking of having him use are Houndour, Charmander, and Magby.
- 50 Fakemon, including all the original Pokemon.
- 8 Gyms, and a Pokemon League.
- Challenges/Events to get Special/Legendary Pokemon.
- Dark/Gritty story-line that is aiming to be darker than any original Pokemon game.
- Ability to trade with other players.
- New form of transportation.
- New mini-games.
- Various Game Endings based on choices.
- HG/SS Tilesets
- 3 Brand New Starters
I'll also be looking for help in making this game as doing everything myself would be immensely difficult and this would work great as a group effort. So, down below are a few positions I'm looking for and everyone who helps out will be sort of considered the "Auburn Sky Family" in a sense.

Also, all sprites are subject to change.

I'll also be posting up some sprites, and the region map I've been working on. Expect those up in a few days.

I'd be much obliged if I could a team to help me with game, and hopefully make my dream come true. Positions needed are below.

Positions Needed
Overworld Spriter
Fakemon Spriter
Trainer Spriter

I can do some Fakemon, Trainer, Mapping and Coding but I can't do it all alone so I could really use all the help I can get to make this project, and my dream become a reality. If anyone has any questions, or concerns about the project as a whole you can PM me, or ask away in this thread.

Everything in the thread is subject to change, because with your comments and criticism you could be helping me out greatly to produce quality content for the community here, as well as people interested in playing the game. So, I ask that nobody posts negative criticism, that kind of thing doesn't really help situations.

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