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Can i still sign up? If so, I would like to reserve latios

(edit) here is the SU if I'm still aloud to join
Name: Archur Fitliano
Age: 16
Gender: male
Legendary: latios
Physical Appearance: Originally he had blonde hair and green eyes, but after the soul of Latios possessed him his hair turned to a dark, cobalt blue and his eyes became red. He stands at about 6’0” and weighs about 132 lbs. He wears a white hoodie and blue jeans as well as a pair of DC skater shoes .
Personality: Archur was never the most outgoing person. He kept to his group of friends, all of whom he cared about, but when the soul of Latios possessed him, it made him even more so. When one of his friends was bullied to the point where he committed suicide, Archur literally beat himself up about it; going to school with cuts and bruises all over. He finally got over it when said bully was convicted for the death of his friend and arrested. Archur became obsessive of his friends protection and one by one they left him.
Reason for Grudge: When Archur was 15, he got his first real girlfriend, Elixa. He had been very good friends with her for a long time but a lot of the more popular guys had been eyeing her, but had never acted. One day in the cafeteria, Archur asked her out and she said yes. On their second date, they went to a place where on of the older guys who had been eyeing Elixa worked as a waiter. When he saw them, he decided that if he couldn’t have Elixa, that neither could the “loser.” When seating them, he out his foot out and tripped Elixa. She hit her head on the table and got a concussion. A few weeks later it was found that she would never walk again.
Other: He keeps a small, solid glass statuette of a Typhlosion in his pocket
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