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So then, hello all my felow team members. Just wanted to say since we haven't really started working on the hack yet, due to a lack of a tile inserter, i decided to make some small preparations. I sprited up the 3 Starter pokemon. And have all the basic information we'll need for them. I'll give the rest of the information for when we insert them. I still don't have their 2nd & 3rd Evo Sprites, so yeah. Any ideas, criticism is greatly appreciated. If you're a spriter or just think you can touch up or fix these sprites to make them look better, please do. Redrawing is allowed.

So without further ado.

Fire Scorpion Pokemon
Scorpyre->Burspion->Volkarayo [Pronounced Vol-Ka-Ray-O]
Hist 1st Evo Sprite. V1.[original] V2.[edited]

Grass Crocodile Pokemon
1st Evo Sprite.

Water Dragon Pokemon
1st Evo Sprite.

The Starter's Typing:
Fire Scorpion [Fire/Ghost] Since 2nd Evo
Grass Croc [Grass/Earth] Since 2nd Evo
Aqua Dragon [Water/Dragon] Since 2nd Evo

Base Stats for Starters:

[BS Change for evolutions]Base stats +20 for each evolution
It's a decission me and Chainster came up with to easen our work a little.

BaseStats on Fire: Hp 43;Atack 50; Defense 40;
Speed 30; Special atack 65; Special defense 45

BaseStats on water: 40 HP;40 Atack;53 Defense; 58 Speed; 65 Special Defense;Sp Atack 50

BaseStats on grass:35 HP; 65 Atack; 60 Defense;
55 Speed; 35 Special Defense; 38 Sp atack

To be edited maybe...Later.

NOTE: These sprites may not be that good since i am inexpirienced in spriting, so they will be subject to change at any moment. The ideas were thought up by me and Chainster if you wish to speak to us about this.
Please PM us and we'll contact you back.


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