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Quote originally posted by Yoshikkko:
Forretress ★ Yoshikkko
Tyranitar ★ Yoshikkko

Well here I am lol, finally. Thank you!
Woo-hoo! That was quick~~

Quote originally posted by Blue Nocturne:
Chadelure ★ Blue Nocturne
Sceptile ★ Blue Nocturne
Gengar ★ Blue Nocturne
Alphabetical order next time, please~

Quote originally posted by JalordaSerpent7:
No has claimed Abra or Kadabra yet?


Just edit your previous post next time if I haven't updated, kay? :3 Not really a problem, but... protocol.

Quote originally posted by archeops14:
Yay! 100 posts! Let's celebrate!

Archeops ★ archeops14
Tirtouga ★ archeops14

Poor turtle, no one to claim him.
*gasp* I forgot to claim Tirtouga? How can this be? ;; Well now he has two to claim him. :3

All up to date!
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