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Quote originally posted by /art-56/:
I made back sprites for to this hack:
Awesome backsprites art-56 =3! I'll insert them a.s.a.p when I return to Holland of corse with credits!

Quote originally posted by Rayce:
Well that count pokemon glitch it very important because it's the only way to get to the gym.
See I have 5 pokemon in my team:

But I still get the message:

Before you said:

This is the only way through. I was able to only because I used a walk through walls cheat.
There must be a minor script glitch here, but it's very important to fix next time you get a chance because you will get many complaints wondering what to do because they can't get through
I've took it serious and added in the main bugs/glitches list! It seems indeed like a minor script mistake, I'll release a HOTFIX as soon I return. This will contain the following:
- Super nerd Gary magnamite overpowered fix
- News stand fix
- Count POKéMON fix
- Remove time based event Purity Forest that stairs appear between 5pm and 6pm

Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
dang iv hadnt checked this site in dys & u just amazed me tht the hack is out ^^. il be playing it 2mor & will report any bugs tht havnt been said yet :D. thnks 4 the great work tht u but in 4 yrs. & if theres anything u need help with il be glad 2 help ^^. u :rock:
Thanks qaz =3!

Quote originally posted by katrin2oo9:
How to bring the leader of Purity Forest as it is not there a guy on the train gymy says there Combee
wait 'till 5pm or 6pm and re-enter the map! Now a stair at the main road will appear! Before you go be sure you don't have less or more then 2 POKéMON in your team!

Quote originally posted by Osher99:
Where the meteor decetor is located?
I won't tell, try asking the people at Atlernion City they will help you! =3