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well i don't use RPG maker 2003, i use XP, so i can't imagine how hard this will be to create, good luck with that...

the Lugia thing, i kinda have to side with cruciFICTION, i'm not sure (special or not), you should make Lugia, something it is not, maybe instead of using "Rainbow Lugia" u could always just use Lugia itself, and give... Team XX, Ho-Oh, and with Team XX making eternal sunshine, and use Lugia to bring back night to the day... this was just something i thought of now, with no imagination, no research, no planning, nothing... but in any case, don't change what doesn't need to be changed, in this case, original Lugia, you may aswell create a whole new Pokémon and call it Rainbow Augia...

screenies look fine by the way, except, screen 1, the one tree isn't complete, the first blue screen isn't clear as to what it was, i actually thought it was Thunderbolt, but realised none of the Pokémon were electric types... good idea, lucky for you, this is just an idea, keep working on it, you can only get better idea's, good luck. x
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