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Originally Posted by jabberjabber8 View Post
Now on to my map:
I no the water looks a bit iffy but I am going out in a few mins and wanted to get this map posted before I left so there was no time to work out the kinks.
Enter from the bottom right and exit from the top centre.
Well, I think that this map is very good. It looks very natural. I like how you placed the trees to both be natural but also block the player from going off-map. The only thing that bothers me is the bridge. I personally think it looks rather good, but there are people who will give you a hard time about it. Good luck stopping them. :D

My Map
Map Name: Canclave City (Remap)
Base ROM: FireRed (Pokemon ShadowStone)
Comments: This is not intended to be an exact remap.

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