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Welcome to my first ever page with tools!
This page will be updated soon with a nice layout.

OxATTACK Pokémon Black & White Attack Editor | Version 1.6

Abbreviated as OxAT, OxATTACK is a tool that lets you edit attacks (moves) in Pokémon Black and White.
In the newest version 1.6, move mechanics are editable and some more effect descriptions have been added.
For now, the tool can edit the following aspects:
  • Type
  • Category
  • Power
  • PP
  • Accuracy
  • Secondary effect
  • Stat manipulation
  • Basic effect
  • Critical Hit ratio
  • Opponent(s)
  • Priority
  • Frequency
  • Move mechanics

Click here to download OxATTACK Version 1.6.

Big thanks and credits to TwistedFatal, who helped me a lot with the tool creation!

I hope you like the tool(s). If you find any bugs, please report them here.
None of my tools are known to be 100% stable, so please remember to make back-ups.