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Name: Alexander 'Alex' Newton (eh, I couldn't think of any other name)

Age: 16

History: Alex's history in Tristein hasn't entirely been a pleasant one. He failed at performing most of the skills, and that made him a victim of bullying and teasing. Other children with good skills would come and tease him, and push him around, and he would try to fight back, but he had almost no power to counter them. His ability of harnessing the Fire element was noticed when one day he was being bullied, and managed to summon a fireball and toss it at the children. Since then, he hasn't been able to do that again. Alex had been able to make a lot of new friends in Tristein, but eventually he lost them one by one as they saw his failures, and in the end, when he summoned a commoner, all his friends abandoned him. None of his 'friends' bothered to talk to him even once, and he was left alone with nobody but his familiar.

Before Tristein, he was pretty much happy. He was an only child, and was always paid attention to. His parents always focused on him, helping him with everything he could do. He had some friends back then too, and they were ones who actually talked to him. He was adored by his friends, who looked up to him for solutions and answers. He pretty much felt loved then, ignore now.

Personality: Alex is a person who has some quick thinking skills. He is a rather quiet person, due to the high amount of bullying in school. He has a rather sarcastic sense of humor, and likes to crack jokes when he gets a chance. While he a rather polite person in general, he can often get extremely angry, resulting in some very insulting words. Alex doesn't have a short temper, often controlling it, but if a person keeps pushing him, then he can get rude. He, in general, hates violence, and rather than use his fists he uses words, as his words can often be really humiliating and insulting. While he doesn't have any friends, he is actually quite protective of whoever he cares about.

The fact that he summoned a commoner doesn't make Alex sad, or angry at all. He was actually quite happy at summoning a familiar, as he had felt he wouldn't be able to do that as well. He is also actually happy to have someone to talk to. While he wouldn't actually wouldn't hit the commoner, he feels it is a sick idea to actually try to control another human being, but he doesn't want to have his familiar know that, of course, in fears of losing her too.

Appearance: Alex is fairly tall for a 16 year old. He is of average weight though. He is quite fair, but has a bad tan due to excessive time in the sun. He has dark brown hair, which are kept unkempt most of the time. He has blue eyes. He has quite a few scars from the early years at Tristein, due to bullying. Due to him practicing with fire often, he has burns on his hands most of the time. He usually wears colorful clothes, sticking to blue the most. He has an old bracelet given to him by his mother, many years ago. He wears it in his left hand.

Magic school: Fire

Amount of time spent RPing: High

Partner: Maka Key (XxSweetDreamsxX)
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