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Quote originally posted by Moogles:
If I became straight I wouldn't be in love with them afterwards though.
Yes, this is what I'm saying lol - if you were in love with someone, would you be willing to sacrifice them for heterosexuality?

Actually, you know what? I like this question lol - I'm going to open it up to the whole community:

If the choice was made available to you to become straight, would being in love with someone of the same gender impact on your decision?

Personally, I couldn't. I have no interest in changing my sexuality regardless so I'm writing this response as though I do. If I were madly in love with another man and suddenly the 'miracle drug' (lol) became available to cancel out the gene or whatever it is that made me gay, I would not take it. I'd just hope he'd love me enough to make the same decision.

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