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Well you can have me if you like. c:
Name: Jessica Stark
Age: ≈17
Gender: girl
Entry Fee: Her "happy" memories, specifically
Appearance: (Picture) Jessica is a caucasian female standing at approximately 5'6'' (1.67 meters) and weighing approximately 140 pounds. She sports an athletic body build and is in overall good physical condition. She sports green eyes and brown hair. Her hair is naturally wavy, but is usually somewhat messy. Jessica usually puts her hair up in a slightly messy ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. As for clothes, she can usually be found wearing low-cut blue skinny jeans, a light pink tied t-shirt over a cropped white sleeveless shirt, black hiking boots, black fingerless gloves, and a pink cap with a blank white face. She often carries around a satchel, but other than what is in said satchel does not usually keep much on her.

Personality: Jessica is a pretty relaxed person. She just lays back and takes life as it comes, keeping things simple. She unfortunately did not get the benefit of a formal education. Thus, she has a somewhat uneducated view of the world. Despite this, she is generally pleasant to be around, as she has a pretty big heart so to speak, but can become intolerantly dismissive when argued with at times. She also doesn't see the benefit of an education. Luckily, she is not overly prone to become offended at teasing, and is more likely to ignore someone or walk away when she knows she is being teased. She seems to be a natural tomboy, not obsessing over stupid things like hating pink but rather simply sometimes demonstrating a disregard for femininity.

History: Jessica was born and raised in Unova, on a modest ranch near Lacunosa Town to be precise. She was an only child, and while her father had been hoping for a boy he learned to become proud of his tomboy daughter. Thus, the two got along pretty well. Up until around ten years old she helped her parents around the ranch. At the age of ten she decided she wanted to become a trainer and go explore the world. A part of the reason for her dreams was the fact that she had simply been confined to the ranch for so long. Jessica spent most of her time as a trainer traveling and exploring the world to the best of her abilities. She was a pretty decent battler that enjoyed the sights and meeting new people more than anything else. Fairly early on in her adventuring she made the decision to travel to Kanto. While this required quite some help from her parents she managed to get what she wanted. The reason for this decision was that she wanted to catch specific pokemon native to Kanto and Johto in addition to the fact that she wanted to explore a foreign region. That being said, although Kanto was her first destination she did in fact travel to Johto. Yet, she found that she enjoyed Kanto a bit better. Thus, after she was done collecting pokemon she set herself specifically to Kanto. She never really figured out what she wanted to do with her life long term however, though she felt at times that she wished to start her own pokemon ranch like her parents before her. Regardless, she never got to find out, as during her travels she became the victim of a fatal wild pokemon attack after she had failed to take precautions whilst traveling after losing a battle against another trainer. Her death was not exactly pleasant, and the fact that it was far from a happy memory means that it did leave some trauma on her. The things she valued most were probably her family and her pokemon, things that were already taken from her the moment she died. The next thing that came along was her happy memories. Most all memories on the lighter side of the scale were taken as her entree fee.

Psyche: (Something else. Will PM with details immediately after posting.)

Short Interview:
For you, what was your death like? Was it justified? That's if you remember it, of course.

Jessica would become visibly uncomfortable when asked the question. It was quite plainly not a pleasant memory for her. Then again, whose deaths were? "Well... I honestly don't really wanna talk about it much... If ya' must know though, I encountered m'self a wild Victreebel." This was of course tragic as Victreebel in the wild were not all that common. Their more common pre-evolution Weepinbel was more common and less prone to considering humans potential prey. "My pokemon hadn't recovered from a battle I'd just had and I guess it--" She stopped herself, her mouth sort of quivered a bit as she did so. She was clearly very uncomfortable with the conversation. "...W-Well, if ya' don't mind I'd rather just skip over the exact details..." Her gaze then turned down, hiding her eyes behind the brim of her hat. When she spoke next, she gained a false smile. "Long story short. I guess it killed me..."

There's a fork in the road, splitting off in several directions; a forest, a swamp, a dirt track, a city and a clear route. Which do you take?

Jessica seemed to think about it for a moment. "Well, I guess that'd depen' on whether I'd ever been to the city before! If I hadn't I guess I'd go there. Otherwise, I-I think I'd prefer the clear route or the dirt track, personally. Might flip a coin." One might be able to deduce that the scene of her death might be related to her avoiding the forest. Whereas swamplands were simply the most dangerous area, easily. She didn't seem to mind which of the other routes she could take.

What do you have to go back to? What are you fighting for? Why do you want to live? Why are you even here?

Jessica seemed to become mildly flustered by the question, as if it embarrassed her. "W-Well... If ya' ask me I went pretty early..." Jessica's expression took on a thoughtful appearance. "On the other hand I can't seem to remember being all that happy anyway. ...I don't think I was ready to die, though!" Considering she had lost all her happy memories, leaving only bad or neutral ones, it would be evident that Jessica had a very strong natural urge to survive.

Any last words before you start your week?

Jessica seemed confused by the qestion. To her, it seemed rather out of place. It almost seemed ominous in nature. She decided not to worry about it too much. "Well, ah... Wish me luck?" She looked up, a slightly perplexed expression remaining on her face.

Roleplay Sample:
Jessica Stark strolled along through the forest, a rather blank look on her face. Normally she was a great fan of the outdoors, and of exploring, but something about this place unnerved her. She couldn't quite place her finger on it. Never-the-less, she had decided to come on through. She walked alone, or so it seemed. She had on a belt containing several pokeballs. After some time walking, she began to wonder exactly how large this forest was. That is, until she spotted another figure coming around a bend not far in the distance. Up until then the trees had obscured each other from sight, but now they were only a handful of meters away. Perhaps it was the prolonged silence, but she felt compelled to approach, if not but to say hi. She of course would wait to actually speak until she got closer, though her eyes had moved to meet his, acknowledging him.

The man noticed her in turn, looking her over. He seemed to become slightly visually disappointed when he looked down and saw pokeballs hanging on a belt around her hip. (The mentioned belt is not part of her attire in this roleplay.) He had been walking with a Houndoom at his side. Said Houndoom began to growl as he drew near to the girl, not particularly comfortable around the stranger.

Unknown male: "Hello."

Jessica Stark slowed to a stop a just out of arm's reach, raising one hand to wave to the man. In the presence of another she had become cheery again and was smiling to show it.

Jessica: "Evenin'!"

She spoke pretty casually, and seemed to have a rather noticeable southern dialect. She didn't seem to mind the growling Houndoom all that much. If she did, she didn't show it. After a moment she went on to speak up again.

"Aren't these woods just eerie?"

She sought reassurance of her feelings regarding the forest's presence; not because she was having difficulty telling for herself, but simply because she was happy to have someone to talk to. As nice as her pokemon were, she simply couldn't have a conversation with them!