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Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
I'd say our next step is to find out all the coordinates of objects on all the maps and make a psuedo-editor out of that.

Yeah, that's maybe what i'll make now, and Pichu2000 too, for his editor.
We lost accuracy but we got many Maps and options.

I've added a new poll in my thread.

Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
And, to make it as complete as possible, it must be able to remove and add models on the map, rather than just move them around. This goes for both Gen. 4 and 5.

I don't think we can add anything, but we can use doors objects for add more models. We can move objects to another Map, but this can cause glitchs and that's not a properly editing.

Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
Edit: I have modified it to the specifications. I can't get textures working, but I got models to display. Attached is a modified PG4Map.

Thanks, i'll try in next days.

Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
Edit 5: Screenie of it using proper textures:


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