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Hey everybody, I'm playing emerald and i've hit a wall.

I've beat team magma at Mt. Chimney/their hideout, I have the magma emblem, and I still can't get into Team Aqua's hideout. I've read through walk through guides and wiki answers, but I still can't seem to figure out what I haven't done yet in order to get into the hideout. I'm pretty sure that I haven't met Capt. Stern yet anywhere and I've been wandering around Slateport for awhile now. What else do I need to do because I can't go any further into the game without getting into the hideout.
Could someone try to make something reasonable/helpful out of what I just posted? Or could someone post a link to a really good step by step process of how to get all of this done? I'm sorry if I am a little vague, but I'm kinda burnt out on the whole thing and I could use any help I can get.