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"Come out or something," Shaun muttered, a good hour later of hiking and chain smoking. His entire first pack was gone and all he had left was one more packet.

With a burst of white, the image of Riolu started to materialize until all the light was gone and the little blue and black dog had appeared. It blinked a few times before fixing its fierce red eyes on Shaun. It pointed a paw at Shaun accusingly, face looking enraged. "Riolu!" it barked loudly, a growl echoing throughout the area Shaun was in.

"Tch." Shaun sat down on an overlarge stone. "Don't give that look," he ordered. "You were the one that took the beating."

"Rii," Riolu growled, paw now lowered into a fist and trembling violently in anger.

Shaun scratched his cheek, completely unmoved by the display. "Please," he drawled. "I've had to deal with stronger - and much more pissed off - pokemon than you. Besides," he added to Riolu, "you attack me, and I just return you to your pokeball and never use you again."

The Riolu looked startled, eyes wide and unsure. "Riollu!" it hollered, once again pointing at Shaun accusingly.

"What? You think I can't buy a new pokemon?" Shaun didn't know if Riolu thought he was lying, but he had no other pokemon and he was apparently a pokemon trainer, so that meant he had to have pokemon that could battle.

Riolu again looked unsure, but there was a strange glint in his eye that Shaun easily picked up. Riolu was frightened.

"So let's get a few things straight," Shaun said, leaning back and stretching his back until there were a few, pleasurable pops. "You don't attack me, and you can battle all you want."

Slowly, Riolu nodded. His gaze was filled with distress. "Ri."

Shaun rolled his neck, gazing at Riolu carefully. He had a feeling about something. "As long as you battle, do your part, give absolutely everything, I don't care if you lose." Shaun's eyes narrowed as Riolu visibly started at that. "Although I would prefer if you won most of your battles," Shaun said dryly. It would be foolish of him demand a win every time.

"Luu," Riolu said softly, nodding warily.

"Just do that," Shaun said, standing and beginning to walk, "and I won't get rid of you."


Shaun visibly grinned, knowing for sure now that he had hit a spot – or perhaps the spot. "Think you can do that?" he asked over his shoulder.

Riolu gave a muffled snarl and caught up to him. "Ri lu ri!" it snarled, nodding furiously.

"Well good," Shaun said, voice nonchalant. "Now with that sort of drive in you, let's find a pokemon."

With a baleful nod from Riolu, the two decided to finally leave the main trail and climb up one of the cliff ridges.

"Riuu," Riolu purred, having successfully climbed up quickly. Shaun, whom had climbed fences and buildings, was not used to such surroundings.

"Shut it," Shaun grunted, tossing his backpack up. "Catch!" he called quickly, snorting as Riolu fumbled for the pack, just barely missing it and giving Shaun a heated glare.

"Ri," Riolu huffed, reaching down when Shaun had neared the top and grabbed hold of his wrist. Eyes widening, Shaun was easily hauled up the rest of the way. "Riolu," Riolu said, shoving Shaun's things back into his arms. No way would he start carrying his trainer's stuff.

"Stronger than I thought," Shaun murmured as he rubbed his wrist. "Hey, can you break a boulder?" he asked, remembering how some fighting types could smash pretty much anything.

Riolu gave Shaun a perturbed look but nodded. "Lu."

"Show me."

Exasperated, Riolu turned, eyes searching for a suitable rock before finding one that was easily the size of two Golems. "Rii," Riolu growled, palm going out before, with lightning speed, slammed down on the now piece of rubble. "Luu!"

Despite himself, Shaun whistled, impressed. "Wonder what sort of hide that Torchic has if it can survive a punch from you." Riolu gave a bitter look, obviously annoyed by the name of its defeater. "You got any other attacks?" Shaun asked, head craning about to check out his surroundings.

Directly across from him was another ledge, only that one had various holes going in and out of the mountain. There were little pokemon scuttling about that had a hard looking blue skin and tiny little trunks.

"Any long ranged attacks?" he asked his pokemon. His pokemon made a "Tch" sound. "I'll take that as a no," Shaun said, voice dry as he took out his pokedex to point at the bulky little beasts. "Too bad, since that would have been an easy win." He received a dirty look.

Phanpy, came the robotic voice of his pokedex. It is strong despite its compact size. It can easily pick up and carry an adult human on its back. It swings its long snout around playfully, but because it is so strong, that can be dangerous.

Shaun watched the playful pokemon with a raised eyebrow. They honestly didn't look that strong, but when one – soon followed by several – curled up into a ball and rolled down the side of the mountain and slammed through rocks and sending debris everywhere, Shaun found that his initial opinion was a tad bit wrong.


Shaun looked away from the rolling pokemon when he felt a tug on his sleeve. He turned to look at his own blue pokemon, blinking when the dog pokemon was pointed forward. He looked over, grinning a bit darkly as he saw what it was. He lifted his pokedex once more.

Geodude, the Rock Pokémon. Geodude has incredibly high defensive power, making it virtually resistant to any physical attacks.

"Except fighting type moves," Shaun muttered, eyeing the bulky pokemon hopping about not even ten feet away, easily blending in with the surrounding rocks. He knew Geodude evolved into Golem, and those were some of the most monstrous and strong pokemon in the world. There was even an elite trainer that used one. "Show me what you've got, Riolu," Shaun ordered loudly, drawing the Geodude's attention.

"Geo!" the living rock pokemon called, raising its single pair of arms in a defense position.

"Riolu!" Riolu called out, giving his own battle cry as he jumped forward, arms out as well.

"Use Force Palm!" Shaun called.

Having already expected that particular order, Riolu had already been darting over before Shaun even finished his first word. With a ferocious growl, Riolu's palm shot out, but Geodude, surprising both Shaun and Riolu, blocked it quickly by grasping Riolu's palm within its own.

"Geo," Geodude grunted, wincing a bit. Its hand obviously hadn't been protected from the strike even if it was block.

"Riolu!" Riolu snarled, using its other palm to strike out.

With an even louder grunt, Geodude brought its other hand up and caught Riolu's paw. Now they were pushing furiously against each other, Riolu looking exceptionally enraged. "Geo," the rock pokemon smirked.

Eyes flashing, Riolu let out a loud snarl and wrenched its hands free. "Riio!" Riolu howled, actually spinning so fast its body actually became a blur and slammed its tail right into the rock type.

"Dddude eo," Geodude moaned loudly, a little more shocked than hurt by the swift move.

"Riio!" Acting quick, Riolu once again shot out, Force Palm finally hitting the rock pokemon directly.

With a deafening moan that made even Shaun wince, the Geodude was forced back. Its body slid dangerously close to the edge of the cliff before it dug its tough hands into the ground, effectively stopping its movements. "Geo!" the Geodude roared, pounding on the ground furiously that made loud banging sounds.

"Riio," Riolu growled, getting into a defensive position.

"Force Palm!" Shaun ordered. "Finish it!"

The Geodude frowned, eyes glaring at Shaun for a moment. It spat to the side before it raised its arms and, with a mighty slam, dug up a rather large stone. "Geooo," Geodude growled lowly, voice deep with a large grin splitting its face before it threw it right at the charging Riolu.

"Ri!" Riolu skidded to halt, red eyes becoming large. Its mouth dropped open, a strangled squeak escaping it before the large rock slammed right into it and knocking it flat on its back.

"Get up!" Shaun roared as the Geodude chuckled heartily and began to throw more rocks. ****, ****. Would his pokemon honestly be taken out by some wild Geodude?

"Ri," Riolu spat, rolling aside just as a rock smashed right where it had been mere moments ago. Thrusting its legs forward, Riolu jumped to its feet and, face fierce, struck out with its palms, shattering the large rock that very nearly took off its head. "Ri!" Riolu hooted mockingly, grinning smugly as a bit of dust wafted away.

"Dude," Geodude mumbled, looking wary. Hands digging into the ground, it tore up more rocks and threw them with even more vigor.

"Break them," Shaun said, voice becoming cold. "Just like before."

Riolu had already slammed another large stone, and was slowly walking closer and closer to the nervous rock pokemon, but he still gave Shaun an obedient nod. Geodude, trying to throw more and more rocks more rapidly, was soon losing control and having a harder time even coming close to hitting Riolu.

"Rio," Riolu grinned, palm smashing another large rock. His red eyes glinted almost demonically.

Shaun grinned, feeling his pokemons excitement. "Finish it," he purred, readying another pokeball, this one empty.

Geo!" Geodude gasped, backing up at the deadly command. The look in the humans' eye was more than enough for Geodude to know that the trainer wanted that order followed through thoroughly. With an angered grunt, Geodude wrapped its arms around its body and jumped off the cliff, just as the Force Palm was about to hit, and rolled down the side of the cliff.

Shaun gapped. "Wha-What the hell!" he roared, running over to the edge where he could see the little rock type disappearing into some trenches. Riolu walked to his side and stared down as well. "Can you believe that?" he snarled, gesturing with his thumb. Would all wild pokemon be like this?

"Ri," Riolu said dourly, disappointed that its opponent had fled so cowardly.

"Tch, there's gotta be something… there!" Shaun cried, pointing at a little Phanpy that had made it to his side of the cliff. Damn, he was really getting into this thing. But then again, with a strong team, the quicker he got this over with. "Force Palm!" he all but snarled.

The Phanpy, who had been snacking on some of the weeds growing out from under some rocks, looked up and gave a startled squeak that soon gave way to a pained cry as Riolu's attack hit.

"Ri," Rioulu said proudly, standing up straight as the ground type rose to shaky feet.

"Good, now use it aga… god damn it!" Shaun grabbed his hair with hands and pulled hard, unable to believe what was happening. The Phanpy, after getting to its shaky feet, turned into a ball and promptly ran away.

"Riiou," Riolu said bemusedly, a small purr coming from his throat. It truly was a hilarious experience.

"Let's go," Shaun snapped, voice sour. Damn, he would be out of cigarettes within the first two hours of his supposed journey.

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