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Player Teams/SUs Part 2
Dante Redson
Name: Dante Redson

Nickname (Optional):

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Dorm: Entei Dorm

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): Dante is five feet two inches tall and he has a average body build. Dante wears cargo jeans and also wears a red t-shirt along with a fleece hooded jacket. He has dirty blonde hair, but Dante wears a red baseball hat with a capital "P" on the front of the hat. Dante also wears go-googles around his neck and he has a blue-trimed poketch on his left arm. Dante has a brown single-strap backpack that he uses to carry his things in when he travels. Dante has a small scar on the elbow of his right arm.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): Dante is in way, quiet a goofball, but he is very friendly to anyone that gets to know Dante. In a pokemon battle, Dante gets "in the zone", meaning that he will put all his concentration into the battle. Dante has a liking for flying-type pokemon. Dante doesn't like it when people act rude to other people or to pokemon. Dante likes to sleep outside in the trees more than sleeping in a bed. Dante is a great climber for having lived in Fortree City. When it comes to wearing fancy clothes, Dante often prefers to wear his partically outfit more than the "monkey suit" as he would call it. Dante loves to draw and he goes everywhere with his drawing pad and pencils. When Dante is around other people, he can act like very foolishly and completely embarrass himself.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): Dante grew up in the treetop city of Fortree City in the Hoenn region. Dante lives with his mom, dad, and younger brother, and he is the nephew of the gym leader, Winona. Dante's mother works as a the local school teacher and his father works as a battle judge at the Fortree Gym. Dante's first pokemon was a Rufflet that his Aunt Winona gave him when he turned 10 years old. Dante's dream is to become the next Fortree City gym leader after his aunt retires. When Dante was young, he almost fell out of a tree that was near his house which caused him to break his right arm. After that incident, Dante has gotten better at climbing things like a medium-sized tree to big tree. Dante got his Combusken when it was a Torchic at Professor Birch's lab. Soon after, Dante was in Petalburg City and there was a power-outage at the Pokemon Center. So, Dante went to investigate around the Center and found an Elekid feeding on the electricity current near the power generator. After that one incident happened, Dante went to the Rustboro City ym for his first gym battle, but was quickly defeat by the gym leader there. For the next five years, Dante has been defeat time and time again by the same gym leader. One day, Dante got mail from his mother telling him to come back home for a surprize. So Dante went home like his mother has asked, just to be shown a letter from a Professor Gary Oak about a Pokemon Trainer Academy in the Kanto region. Catching Dante's interest, he decide to go to the academy to farther his training as a pokemon trainer and help be able to beat the Hoenn Pokemon League. With that happening, Dante left his home and heading down toward Slateport City. As soon as Dante got to Slateport City, he quickly ran over the port at catch the boat that will take him to Vermilion City in the Kanto region.


Name: Rufflet
Lvl 25
Moves: Aerial Ace, Hone Claws, Wing Attack, Fury Attack, Peck, Work Up

Name: Combusken
Lvl 21
Moves: Peck, Double Kick, Ember, Focus Energy, Sand Attack, Scratch

Name: Elekid
Lvl 17
Moves: Quick Attack, Swift, Thunder Shock, Low Kick, Ice Punch, Brick Break

Name: Aron
Lvl 17
Moves: Tackle, Harden, Mud-Slap, Headbutt, Metal Claw

Name: Seedot
Lvl 14
Moves: Bide, Harden, Growth, Nature Power

N Harmonia
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): N Harmonia

Nickname (Optional): (None)

Age (18+): 21 (I'm guessing that's how old he could be when this RP happens)

Gender (Male or Female): Male

Job(What subject do they teach? Battle Theory, Breeding 101, etc):
General Expert Intern.
Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish):
Pretty much the same from the games, granted he's now older by a few years (3 or 5 if I heard correctly on when this RP takes place)
Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): 5 lines minimum

N was groomed by Ghetsis to become the hero of the legends from the Unova region. He was isolated from humans, and only exposed to pokemon who have been abused by humans. As of such he is essentially naive and a social outcast in terms of human society, but it has given him a unique ability to communicate with pokemon as if he was talking to a human. The events of Black and White have made him open up his eyes to see a new world beyond the false world that Ghetsis had given him, and now made him more open to the way things are in the world.
Sometimes his methods and ideology may seem. . . odd to most people, but he has a pure innocent heart that-while he doesn't mean to cause harm, can still pose as being a very dangerous thing. His Naiveness could be looked at as a positive moral standpoint for himself, but it has also made him easy to manipulate. He's not as easy to manipulate as he was before, as he's learned better from that experience, but he still can be taken advantage of.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What was he/she was doing before he/she got a job at trainer school? Why did they decide to go to the trainer school? How did they meet their pokemon? Etcetera): 10 lines minimum

N mostly lived a somewhat solitary secluded life with as his father Ghetis was grooming him to become a "hero" of legends. N was used as a political figurehead and puppet of the team plasma organization, truly believing what he was accomplishing was for the good of pokemon everywhere, as his father only had him interact with Pokemon that have been hurt by humans.
It wasn't until N met Black and White that he began to question his ideals about making the world better, as well as made him question everything he thought to be true about the world. The most important thing it made him question, was whether or not Humans and Pokemon can still get along. During N's journey though, he was able to capture and tame one of the two legendary dragon pokemon that the legendary heroes of unova used long ago. He defeated the pokemon league, and then had one final battle with Black and White after they obtained the other legendary dragon pokemon that the other hero used. After losing, Ghetsis revealed that N was worthless and a freak and revealed that everything was just part of Ghetsis's plan to rule Unova. After Black and White defeated him, N came to terms with all that happened and had one last conversation with black and white before bidding them farewell.
After the final battle at N's Castle, N left the Unova region as he began a journey to improve himself and to try to better understand both humans and pokemon. He went to different lands, met different people and different things over the years. Now he's arrived at the Pokemon Trainer Academy as a General Expert intern, hoping that he may be better able to refine his skills and teach others the things he's learned, and hope that the trainers of the next generation will be able to learn from him and his mistakes to become better trainers, people, and pokemon of tomorrow. Or in his odd sense of it all, training the next generation of heroes.

Species: Zekrom
Lvl: 52
Moveset: Fusion Bolt, Zen Headbutt, Light Screen, Giga Impact, Bolt Strike, Draco Meteor

Species: Zoroak
Lvl: 50
Moveset: Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Night Slash, Retaliate, Night Daze, Double Team

Species: Carracosta
Lvl: 50
Moveset: Stone Edge, Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Crunch, Hydro Pump, Surf

Species: Archeops
Lvl: 50
Moveset: Sone Edge, Acrobatics, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Rock Slide, Thrash

Species: Vanilluxe
Lvl: 50
Ability: Icebody
Moveset: Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Hail, Frost Breath, Ice Beam, Frost Breath

Species: Klinklang
Lvl: 50
Moveset: Flash Cannon, Metal Sound, ThunderBolt, Hyperbeam, Volt Switch, Shift Gear

James Eugene Vincent
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): James Eugene Vincent

Nickname (Optional): Jimmy

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Dorm: Raikou Dorm (did the test wrong on purpose, as he was reluctant to do it but had no choice)

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): James looks more or less like this:

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?):

James is one odd kid. He acts like a tough guy who has no fear, using phrases and words he learned while hanging out in the streets, mainly from bikers and thugs, to intimidate other people. He is very volatile and will turn to violence quickly and, most of the times, unnecessarily. As long as you don’t try to meddle in his affairs, and stay out of his way, he won’t hurt you...much.
The source of this "tough guy" persona might come from his childhood. Many say that the reason of why he is a troublemaker is because there is a void in his heart that he needs to fill, and that he is desperate to get attention. Others say that his behaviour is repressed anger against his parents that he takes out on everyone else. Another bunch of people believe he can be helped so he can be nicer, while some others say he's pure evil.
But, in spite of this angry, aggresive, mean, and shady side of his, James is known show kindness amd compassion once in a blue moon. An example of this is when he saved a Koffing from a building that was about to be torn down. This kind Jim, however, is buried very deep inside of him. Very, very, VERY deep inside. I wouldn’t suggest trying to dig it up. Unless, of course, you are willing to take the risk of making things worse and getting beat up.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?): 10 lines minimum

James was born in Saffron City and practically raised in the streets of said city. His parents paid little attention to him because they were too busy arguing and fighting. Then, when he turned seven, his father left and his mother started dating. A lot. He received even less attention, and this led him to spend most of the day hanging out in the street, coming back home only to eat and sleep.
One of the many days he was hanging out, he wandered inside an abandoned building that was going to be torn down and found a stray Koffing inside. The Pokémon was a bit hostile to him at first, having been abandoned there by another human, and sent the young boy running out of there. The next day James went back to the building to confront the Koffing, and as he neared it he saw it was being demolished. He could hear the Koffing’s faint screams from inside, and rushed inside to save him. The poor Pokémon was on the ground, having been hit by the big ball and about to fall unconscious. The boy grabbed him and took him out of there. The Pokémon was grateful for what James had done, and the two became friends.
Tired of putting up with being ignored by his mom and seeing her have a different boyfriend every week, James developed a temper and started getting in trouble with local residents, especially with biker gangs.
On the day of his fifteenth birthday, James and Smokey were taking a stroll in the Underground Path between Celadon and Lavender when a biker gang known as the Kanto Pokémon Association came to harass him. James’ temper upset the bikers and they sent out their Pokémon to get him. Thanks to Smokey’s special move, Psybeam, Jimmy was able to defeat them and make them leave. After the battle, James found a Pokéball lying on the floor. Fully aware of what it did and how it was used, he threw it at Smokey, successfully catching it.
A few days after that event, his mother heard he had had a battle from one of her boyfriends and almost immediately sent him to Oak’s Pokémon Trainer Academy, against James’ will, blaming her son for her love life and her inability to find a steady boyfriend.

Smokey (Koffing ♂) - Lv 25
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Psybeam, Smog, Selfdestruct, Poison Gas, Tackle.

Grim (Duskull ♀) - Lv 20
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Confuse Ray, Dark Pulse, Astonish, Night Shade, Disable, Pain Split.

Starr (Drowzee ♂) - Lv 18
Ability: Insomnia
Moves: Confusion, Headbutt, Pound, Hypnosis, Disable, Poison Gas.

Ashara Soleil Harris
Name: Ashara Soleil Harris
Nickname: Asha or Ash, but her students can call her Ash, if they dare.
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Job: Self Defense, Intermediate Battle Study

Appearance: Ashara is about five feet and five inches tall and with the body of a model, except missing the anorexia and makeup abundance. Almost every inch of it is natural, from the casual tan to her bust. She hides it well though, refusing to show off her body more than a girl her age probably should, especially now that she has a real job. She also doesn't want questions on the athletic build she has trained herself into. That is none of your business, noisy brats.Her hair is long and healthy, the color a honey dirty blonde and the locks thin and wavy. Lucky her she has a lot of it. She keeps it mostly in a long ponytail reaching down her back. Her eyes are not milky, despite being blind, but instead are a teal color. Ash has freckles on her cheeks and a bright smile that's permanently missing one of its pearly whites. Don't ask where it went, it was a very amusing noodle incident.

Ash does not dress professionally. She's in her teens for Mew's sake! Her shirt is long sleeved and a gentle sandy brown, the sleeve ends loose like an open flower. Or something. That's what the lady at the clothing store said, for this was a new shirt. Ash had a feeling her regular dirty T-shirts would just not cut it with these kids, at least for a good first impression. However, anything formal in the leg area would make her very prickly. So she just wears jeans and sneakers. The principal put his foot down on the combat boots. You have no idea how sad that made her.

Personality: Ash is awesome! Oh wait that doesn't describe her personality does it? Ah well... she doesn't like titles much. Well she does like Azure Shadow, which the media somehow coined at one point. She doesn't even question that anymore. Anyway, moving on... Ash is one of those people who enjoys the use of sarcasm in the happiest tone of voice possible. She does most of her things either happily or chill. Blame her Lapras and meditation. Ash has long since accepted being blind, and also accepted being unusual. She prefers to own what she is and takes little lying down. Good luck trying to lie to her; she can smell that. Well, not really, but you probably get the point. Ash can come off as a pain in the butt. She is one but she knows her stuff.

Ash isn't well known for being intelligent but that suits her just fine. Let everyone think she's a moron. She knows her stuff and can even teach it when she has to. She's somewhat strict but does make exceptions for injury and the like. No excuses on the training though because if not you will likely get hurt. She pushes on people's limits, both physically and emotionally. Does she mean well? Probably. It's hard to tell. Don't worry about her lack of formality, it's perfectly normal. She knows she signed up for weird people. After all, she's very similar.

Sometimes Ash goes on trips, even in the same area. She will purposefully get lost so she can have fun in the woods or wherever with her Pokemon. She is incredibly close to them after these trips. Is she prepared during these? It depends. In reality she's still a teenager and wants to have fun, especially while working.

Ash is difficult to well and truly tick off... on certain things. Trust me, you'll know when you achieve the task.

History: Ash was born in Pallet Town and mostly raised in Viridian City. Her father was a farmer in Pallet Town and had divorced her pharmacist mother not long after she was born. She always stayed in Pallet during the summer, enjoying helping her father with the harvest. It depended more on touch anyway. Despite the clear split between her parents, Ash tried not to rebel over it... too much. That wasn't why she dyed her mother's labcoat red, honestly. It was mostly due to the pent-up aggression she had towards her classmates and their mocking jeers over well... anything, mostly due to her struggling to learn Hindi from her younger best friend, who couldn't speak English. People tried mocking her for being blind. She still punched them in the face and let her Growlithe be... well, a Growlithe. It eventually settled down as kids got used to each other.

Her Growlithe was a wonderful guide dog but he was not as young as she really needed throughout. So her father called in a Sinnoh friend, a distant relative of theirs who had been raised to be a Guardian of Aura. He taught her everything he was allowed to from the age of eight. At the age of twelve, she went to start her journey, having been given a certain Riolu as a gift. She and Kira became best enemies. It was amazing. She didn't start out in Kanto but in Sinnoh. She had not been in the mood to earn badges for about a year. She just wanted to wander, during that time catching Lillian and Laura. Eventually she returned to Kanto and earned the badges with a small team, almost the one she has now. Most of her Pokemon are with her parents now.

She returned to Viridian at fourteen rather content but not sure what she wanted to do anymore. There she met a certain trainer, who proceeded to try and pummel her in a battle. They tied but it had been close. Cam then proceeded to borrow her as a training dummy. According to him and her friends (and apparently rumors), she was a decent teacher. Her friend Zoran almost dragged her to the college campus to sign up for a program. She hadn't wanted to at first but the schooling actually helped. She stayed for three years until she earned a student internship. Supposedly she had the right credits for a student teaching job. The Trainer's Academy was looking for the unusual... and she kind of qualified.

Species: Raichu
Nickname: Riley
Lvl: 50
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Dig, Discharge, Endure

Species: Charizard
Nickname: Carrie
Lvl: 49
Moveset: Slash, Shadow Claw, Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Brick Break, Flamethrower

Species: Lucario
Nickname: Kira
Lvl: 50
Moveset: Dark Pulse, Blaze Kick, Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Drain Punch, Earthquake

Species: Metagross
Nickname: Ness
Lvl: 47
Moveset: Flash Cannon, Psyshock, Aerial Ace, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Take Down

Species: Lapras
Nickname: Laura
Lvl: 48
Moveset: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Sing

Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Isabel, Eliza, Elise, Lizzy, "That weird girl from before modern technology or something"

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Job: Ancient Johto History (Intern)

Appearance: (Note: Elizabeth looks like she's 10 years old eternally. This is explained in her history.) Picture Link

Personality: Elizabeth is a rather shy, quiet girl, somewhat due to traumatisation as a result of being offset from her era. She can be somewhat awkward around others and doesn't seem to trust technology all that much. Her speech is somewhat limited and old fashioned at times. She was never very passionate about training, however many years passed and she became a strong trainer out of necessity. One might ask, how does someone like this become a teacher? In truth, Elizabeth is not the best teacher. However, her knowledge on the distant past was valuable enough to give her a recommendation and valuable enough to get her hired under special circumstances. Elizabeth is mostly concerned about food on a day to day basis, and the quickest way to her heart is easily through her stomach. She also has a strong desire for companionship. Of note is the fact that although she has been alive for 18 years she stopped aging physically at 10. This also had an effect on her mind, as she did not go through puberty and all that jazz. In short, her mind still has plenty of childish qualities to it.

History: Elizabeth lived a relatively normal life for a child in the pokemon world. She lived in Johto with both her parents. Her parents were pretty good to her. She didn't suffer from any major mental of physical problems, the worst of which was shyness, typical problems of that nature. She wasn't a trouble maker, or at all hedonistic. However, things did get interesting one day. She was approximately ten years old and had wandered into a specific forest in the Johto region without the protection of pokemon. However, despite the fact that the wild pokemon were quite known to attack humans at times she did not find herself under attack by any of them. Perhaps it was luck, perhaps something was protecting her, or perhaps both. Seeing as nothing jumped out to scare her, she continued to wander. Normally, you'd expect restrictions to be much tighter for peoples safety. However, what you didn't know was that Elizabeth lived in the past. That is to say, her time was long before the present. (That will make sense further down.) Her parents did not suspect her of going into the woods. She was not normally one to get into trouble, as she was rather prone to running away from confrontations. A couple of her friends had told her a legend of a specific pokemon that roamed there, and that it was quite friendly.

Of course, her supposed luck did not last forever. A wild zubat spotted the small girl and decided to attempt to drive her from its presence. She was alarmed to find a Zubat harassing her, nearly fleeing the forest had it not been for the Zubat suddenly and abruptly backing off. Elizabeth looked up, confused and startled to see a rather friendly looking, green, fairy-like pokemon floating down towards her with a curious let playful look on her face. It was Celebi, the guardian of the forest. Elizabeths eyes widened. She did not know what Celebi was, but the pokemon impressed her all the same. Something about this pokemon just seemed to radiate comfort, as if its mere presence said things were going to be okay. Her first reaction was to awkwardly fiddle with her hands before reaching out to Celebi with both hands, standing on her tip-toes as if that would help her reach the pokemon who was admittedly still out of reach. Celebi observed this for a moment. Seeing that Elizabeth was far from intending harm, she floated down into Elizabeths arms, being met with a hug. It was all fun and games from there, mainly with Celebi leading the way. Eventually, Celebi did what any playful, somewhat irresponsible time traveling pokemon may be prone to do. She took Elizabeth through time.

However, as it turned out a battle just so happened to be raging in the exact spot the two emerged. A flamethrower hit Celebi the moment she came out of transit, startling her so badly that she fled the area without even considering to take Elizabeth with her, let alone back to her own time. The pokemon attacking her simply had not had the power to actually take down Celebi, but regardless, Celebi was rather prone to running when confronted. Elizabeth was equally startled, and ran off in a rather random direction, making it incredibly difficult for Celebi to find her again. For all intents and purposes, Celebi never did find and return her to her time. She did however give Elizabeth a strange jewel (That does not seem to have any further purpose than to look pretty) before the incident that separated them occurred. Elizabeth spent most of the time after that incident scavenging. She managed to befriend a Meowth that helped her get money for food by using payday and allowing her to battle. However, for a long time battling was extremely difficult for her. She was not a great trainer, and she was left broke and hungry on multiple ocassions. Luckily, others usually had enough sympathy for her to help her out from time to time. Due to the way she had been living, Elizabeth is rather emaciated.

After a long time training through a crash course in battling "on the streets" so to speak Elizabeth gained a local reputation for her oddities, among which included the fact that she still appeared to be ten and yet had startlingly powerful pokemon despite this. One might wonder how this got her a place in The Academy. After a time those who knew her had become increasingly concerned by what they saw and heard. Elizabeth did not believe she was in Johto, even though she was. She had not visibly aged in eight years, and some had heard her speak of things they'd only read about. As a result it eventually got the attention of Gary Oak through a recommendation from locals in Johto. It was decided that if anyone could help Elizabeth it was the experts at the academy. Not only that, but Elizabeth was not living a healthy life, and she could greatly benefit from the free shelter and food offered there. The final driving force in the decission was Elizabeth's knowledge of ancient history. Thus, Elizabeth now serves as an intern in the strictest sense, though her condition has drawn concern from some of the other staff at times.

Species: Meowth ♂
Personality: Meowth is rather prone to stealing shiny things and food, though he generally behaves in the presence of his trainer.
Lvl(Max 50): 47
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Hone Claws, Icy Wind, Thief, Pay Day, Hidden Power (Fighting), Double Team

Species: Marowak ♀
Personality: Marowak is a stubborn lone wolf of a pokemon who likes to solve problems by hitting them repeatedly with a club. Her attitude has a tendency to make it very difficult for her to make and keep friends.
Lvl(Max 50): 50
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Belly Drum, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Outrage, Detect, Skull Bash

Species: Politoed ♀
Personality: Politoed is a voracious pokemon that uses her sticky tongue to her advantage in battle and ocassionally as a show of affection. She has the mindset that she's the big boss, and thus does not get along with Marowak /at all/.
Lvl(Max 50): 47
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Mud Shot, Hydro Pump, Hypnosis, Mind Reader

Species: Arcanine ♀
Personality: Arcanine is a loyal and affectionate pokemon whom is ironically somewhat lazy. She is however a fierce battler... when she's up to it.
Lvl(Max 50): 45
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Extremespeed, Morning Sun, Flare Blitz, Snarl, Close Combat, Dig

Species: Slowking ♂
Personality: Slowking is a calm pokemon who likes to observe the world around him.
Lvl(Max 50): 45
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed): Slack Off, Iron Defense, Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Scald, Focus Blast

Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny
Name: Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny

Nickname: Rubs

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Dorm: Entei dorm

Appearance: Picture Link

Ruby is a very shy girl, she has long blonde hair and aqua blue eyes. normally she wears a red shirt with a pokeball picture on it, black shorts, and wine red boots, but she also likes to wear blue which is her favorite color. she's a very thin girl, sometimes she wears her hair in a tail, she also has a lil pokeball hairclip in her hair. when people see her they judge her for her appearence. They think she's a arrogant girl, but when they get to know her better they discover she's actually a nice girl with a lack of confidence.

Personality: ruby is a very shy but pretty girl, but towards friends she's very open and spontanous, she likes to pull pranks. she's nice and polite towards everyone, doesn't matter if it's a friend, stranger or a enemy, she hates to dissapoint anyone.
she's born in a rich family, thats why people normally think she's arrogant and judge her for her appearance, she never felt in love once but when a boy likes her Poochyena scares them away. Her weakness is that she's scared for people to abandon her, she's scared for this since she has been left alone by all her friends when she was little. She has no confidence at all but she truly believes and has faith in her pokemon. when she battles she seems to have more confidence and she also seems more outgoing.

History: Ruby's hometown is Pallet Town in the Kanto region. when she was little she used to be bullied for her weird colored eyes, but her siblings always protected her. one day when her siblings weren't near, one of her classmates was bullying her again, which caused a little Poochyena to get mad with him. Bravely she protected the little Ruby from the boy, the Poochyna decides to stay with her to protect her and thats the day Ruby got her very own pokemon. Now she's older the band Poochyena and she has only became stronger. On age of 10 she begun her pokemon journey together with Poochyena, she cought strong pokemon. most of her pokemon are by professor oak, while she travels along with Eevee, Zorua and Poochyena who she seems to understand like no other. she really can understand what her pokemon says, the cause of that probely is cuz together with her siblings she always played in the forest with the wild pokemon. she has two sisters, Cecilia and Olivia, and one big brother, Terra, Ruby is the youngest of the four. her mother died when she was young, it sometimes hurts her to think back about that time.

Name: Poochyena
lvl: 20
gender: female
*shadow ball
*thunder fang
*scary face

name: zorua
lvl: 18
gender: female
*faint attack
*Foul play

name: Eevee
lvl: 19
gender: male
*Take down
*Quick attack
*Trump card
*Last resord

Rafael Kyo
Name: Rafael Kyo
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Dorm: Raikou Dorm
Appearance: Picture Link
Rafael is an upbeat person, and although he is simple minded at times, he has a strong sense of justice. Rafael has matured over a year's time, for instance, when battling enemies he seems to have a more serious expression on his face. Rafael is confident and takes charge of his group. He is also quite caring and reassuring to his friends and family. Rafael seems to unintentionally show somewhat of disrespect towards people of higher authority than him upon meeting them. He possesses a strong sense of justice and an unrelenting heart. At times he is impulsive and quick to anger when defending his friends, but he is always sincere about what he says and does. Rafael seems to have a remarkable capacity to forgive, even to his sworn enemies. Though he is far from stupid, Rafael has often seen to be highly gullible and oblivious to what should be obvious. Rafael is often quick to anger whenever he's confused, and is quite childish at times. He can also be seen as quite impulsive, as he tends to jump into things without thinking them through beforehand. While simple-minded and naive at times, he has a strong sense of justice.

When Rafael was born he lived with his mom only because he didn’t have a dad. When he was 2 his mom found him a father that would love and care for him. Rafael lived with his mom and dad In New Bark Town until the day his father left in order to fulfill his dream of being the Pokémon master. The day his dad left Rafael wanted to become a Pokémon master also. Couple days later his mom found out she was pregnant with a baby girl. His mom then called his father and told him and he immediately went to the hospital with Rafael’s mom. When she found out they all moved into the empty house in Littleroot town. Before his mom got pregnant they always went for walks with each other and went to the park also. When Rafael’s 10th birthday came his mother started feeling pains in her stomach and went into labor the following night. On his 11th birthday Rafael received his first Pokémon, A Pikachu. He got the Pikachu from his father who caught it outside of his house. The next day Rafael packed his stuff and got ready for an epic adventure. A couple days later Rafael went on his journey and got pummeled by the first trainer he saw. That caused him to go home and give up on his adventure. After the horrifying loss Rafael feel into a deep depression. Nobody could help him in his depression not even his dad or mom or his little sister. When he turned 12 years old he only stayed in his room with his Pikachu. He was still a little bit depressed because he got destroyed on his first try. Then he heard the wonderful news about a new training academy coming out and thought he could enroll in it and get stronger. When he got the letter in the mail saying he was accepted he smiled then he saw who it was from, Gary Oak.After hearing the news he snapped out of his depression and suddenly got happier because he knew he could get better at battling and that his Pikachu would get stronger. The day he left was his 13th birthday and he was sad that he had to leave a day before his sister’s birthday. He reluctantly left and found out the ship to the school was going to leave without him. Rafael knew he had to catch the boat or he would never have another start on being the Pokémon master of any region.

Species: Pikachu
Personality: Just like his trainer.
Lvl: 15
Moves: Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, Quick attack, Electro ball, Thunder, Iron Tail.

Genevieve Marie Molyneux
Name: Genevieve Marie Molyneux

Nickname: Gen

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Dorm: Suicune

Appearance : Picture Link

Personality: Geneviève is a sweet and kind girl. She always wants to help other nearly always putting herself last. She's not very fond of fighting the exact opposite of her Pokemon. Her only friend is her Pokemon and the clashing personalities make them work well together. Geneviève always stops to think things through and never rushes into anything. Always trying to find the peaceful solution to a problem. She loves learning things and sharing knowledge having vast information about countless Pokemon through out the world and is always willing to share and listen to facts. Due to her tending to be a bit of a know it all at times she has had a lot of trouble making friends and can get into heated debates about things she is passionate about.

History: Geneviève was born and raised in a well off family in the Unova region. Her parents spoiled her but she didn't let it affect her. Growing up she never really had any friends due to the kids around her being to stuck up for her liking. At the age of ten Geneviève recieved her first Pokemon from Professor Juniper a Panpour she nicknamed Sapphire, Not really wanting to do gym battles Geneviève just travelled throughout the Unova region with Sapphire training her and having fun and studying wild Pokemon. She worked with Professor Juniper to collect information about the types of Pokemon in the Unova region and then becoming an apprentice in the lap studying under the young professor. After two years Geneviève decided to move onto another region and took Professor Juniper's advice on going to the Kanto region to visit Professor Oaks lab due to her interest in becoming a Pokemon Professor.

After a long plane ride the then 14 year old recieved a Pokedex from Professor oak and proceeded to start studying the Pokemon of the Kanto region finding fascination in the Pokemon she had never seen before. By day she was out and about observing the Pokemon and by night she was curled up in her tent reading books about all the other Pokemon she hadn't seen yet. By the time she had turned 15 she had made it halfway through the Kanto Region when she recieved a letter from Professor Oak about his trainer school and right away she headed back to Pallet Town acing both entrance exams as a late entry to the school making it into the Suicune Dorm.

Species: Simipour
Nickname: Sapphire
Appearance: She's a dark blue in color with red eyes.
Lvl: 15
Moves: Surf, Blizzard, Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring, Scald, Rain Dance

Species: Zorua
Nickname: Toto
Appearance: regular Zorua
Lvl: 10
Moves: Hone Claws, Pursuit, Thief, Embargo, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse

Rosalyn Rebecca Smith
Name: Rosalyn Rebecca Smith

Nickname: Rosie

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Dorm: Entei

Appearance: Picture Link

Personality: Rosalyn is a very outgoing and creative girl. She had many friends growing up and is self confident and talkative. Her favorite thing to do is draw and she has notebooks filled with drawings of Pokemon. If she sees something she would like to draw she will just pull out her sketch pad and draw it. Some people say that her artistic side is what kept her sane as she grew up. In many ways that is true, Rosalyn uses art as an outlet for her emotions not just through drawing and painting but also through music as well.

History: Rosalyn was born in Pallet Town in the Kanto region. She had six older brothers growing up and one sister who by the time Rosalyn was born had already moved into her own home. Her childhood was hectic filled with fighting not just between her brothers but also between her parents as well. Because of this Rosalyn spent all her free time out of the house choosing to spend time on route one keeping clear of the grass and just drawing the trees and the Pokemon she saw. As soon as she turned fourteen she recieved a Squirtle from Professor Oaks lab without her parents permission and started her journey basically running away from home. She traveled through the Kanto region and then the Johto region not fighting gyms but just drawing Pokemon and trainers she saw as well as battling. On her fifteenth birthday she recieved a letter from the Trainer Academy and went to the school acing the battle portion of the exam but failing the practical part by only a few questions.

Species: Wartortle
Nickname: Jazz
Lvl: 23
Moves: Bubble, Water Gun, Bite, Ice Beam, Aqua Jet, Gyro Ball

Species: Togetic
Nickname: Belle
Lvl: 21
Moves: Metronome, Yawn, Psychic, Solar Beam, Grass Knot, Attract

Species: Seviper
Nickname: Swampy
Lvl: 15
Moves: Wrap, Bite, Toxic, Dig, Sludge Bomb, Poison Jab

Species: Skarmory
Nickname: Silver
Lvl: 15
Moves: Aerial Ace, Swift, Sky Drop, Rest, Fly, Brave Bird

Roxas Jaden Asakura
Name: Roxas Jaden Asakura

Nickname: Roxas

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance: Picture Link

Personality: Roxas is the kind of boy that wants to do his job perfectly, when he doesn't he can be kind of upset. Roxas comes over as a shy boy that tends to act cool, but when you get to know him you'll discover he's a very good friend and always tries to help his friends anyway he can. Roxas has a mysterious side but refuses to tell anyone about what he's hiding. Even though Roxas can be a good boy, he is actually bad since he works for team rocket. Roxas doesn't get attracted by girls much, the one's that interest him must really have something interesting and a kind side.

History: Roxas came to the academy because he was sended by Matori of team rocket, his task is to get information about what is going on and eventually try to recruit new members for team rocket. He joined team rocket on age of 14 because he had no place to go 6 years after team rocket took over his town and his parents left him behind with his only friend, a Pikachu called Jaden. He trained to be a good trainer and got two new pokemon, a odd colored Umbreon called Luna, and a lucario called obilivio.

When he was young he used to know a girl called Naminé, they were good friends and Roxas even felt in love with her. On the day that Roxas decided to confess to her he heard from her parents that she had died of an heartattack, it was already known that she had a sick heart. After hearing the bad news he ran to the forest and stayed there 2 days without food or anything to drink. A Lucario found him unconciouss and brought him back to the village where he got treated and got food and water. The Lucario found him reckless and told that the boy's Pikachu, Jaden. Later Roxas went back to the forest to look for him but fell into the water and almost drowned. Lucario decided to not leave his side so he can prevent him from doing anymore reckless things.

After a year of Naminé's death Roxas still thought about her everyday, it was the night of the full moon. He decided to take a walk and took some stuff with him, including Naminé's picture to mourn her. That night when he had his eyes closed a pink girl Umbreon walked up to him and saw his sadness, she layd down next to him and remembered how HER love died several months ago, Roxas catched her and called her Luna, full moon.

He joined team rocket at Age of 14 and on age of 15 he became a team A-member. Now's 16 and fakes his age in the academy for his mission, he won't talk about Naminé with anyone and he has an even bigger secret he won't reveal.

Species: Pikachu
Nickname: Jaden
Lvl: 35
*Quick attack
*Electro ball

Species: Umbreon (pink rings with a pink crown on her forehead)
Nickname: Luna
Lvl: 33
*Quick attack
*Faint attack
*Last resort

Species: Lucario
Nickname: Obilivio
Lvl: 70
*Force Palm
*Aura Sphere
*Metal Claw

Dr. Jonas Applewood
Name: Dr. Jonas Applewood

Nickname: His students are to refer him as Dr.Applewood

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Dorm Allegiance: Suicune Dorm

Job: Dr. Applewood mainly teaches Pokemon Mythology, but also teaches a class about Items and their uses.

Appearance: Picture Link

Dr. Applewood is cold,stern and emotionless. Most see Dr.Applewood as a lifeless person. Dr. Applewood cares deeply
about his studies. Although many may not know it, Dr.Applewood wishes the best for his students. Dr.Applewood is
quick to judge and is very quiet around large groups of people. His students all say he is heartless and evil. In other
words, he is your average teacher.

Dr. Jonas Applewood was born in Cerulean City,Kanto. From an early age, Jonas took an interest in Pokemon Mythology. Jonas would research whatever he could on the subject and quite the knowledge on the subject. Jonas would go through school earning fantastic marks during the process. After graduating from Cerulean City High School, Jonas was accepted into Mossdeep University in Hoenn. During Jonas' time in Hoenn, he studied the legends of Hoenn and the so called " Legendary Pokemon" associated with them. Jonas spent seven years at Mossdeep University, earning a Doctorate in Archeology. After University, Jonas was hired at the Pewter City Museum. Jonas was a archeologist for the Museum, collecting multiple pieces of important data on "Legendary Pokemon". Jonas was Professor Oak's personal guide when it comes to Pokemon Legends. When Oak opened up the Academy, Professor Oak called on Dr.Applewood to teach.

Species: Umbreon
Lvl: 45
Bite-Double Team
Dark Pulse-Faint Attack
Quick Attack-Water Pulse

Species: Blastoise
Lvl: 49
Bite-Ice Beam
Aqua Tail-Flash Cannon

Species: Yanmega
Lvl: 47
Bug Bite-Ancient Power
Detect-Sunny Day
Solarbeam-Shadow Ball.

Sage Valerian Smith
Name: Sage Valerian Smith

Nickname: None

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Job: Usage of Berries and Poffin Making

Appearance: Picture Link

Personality: Sage is a very joking and kidding kind of guy. He can be very nice to people that aren't related to him. He loves practical jokes above everything else even at his age, but like the typical older brother he picked on his younger siblings, particularly his younger sister Rosalyn. He grew up being the second oldest of 8 children, having one older sister, five younger brothers and one younger sister. He loves to play jokes on them and expose their secrets. One would think that he would have grown up a bit...but he never did. He's still can be very immature at times.

Though he is very knowledgeable, the one time he would never pick on his younger brothers and sister was when he was teaching them about his passion. Berries and poffins. After all his entire family had plant related names, that led to him becoming very interested in the berries that grew around the house. Another thing about Sage is that he does care deeply about his family, as much as he picked on his siblings he really does care about them deeply. Having a wife and a child of his own has just made him see that.

History: Sage was born in Pallet Town in the Kanto Region the second oldest of 8 children. Growing up he looked up to his older sister Lillian, but he constantly picked on his younger siblings Alder, Ash, Ceder, Oleander, Rowan and finally the second girl and the youngest Rosalyn. He'd play jokes on them like tricking them into doing something to get them in trouble, breaking their toys, and for Rosalyn ripping up any drawings she drew. He got in trouble his fair share of times but he never stopped never changed.

Sage never went on his Pokemon Journey, though he did receive a Pokemon from his father. The rules in the house were that it was fine for the boys to have a Pokemon, but his father wouldn't allow Rosalyn to have one, saying it was to dangerous for her and that she would just get hurt. The Pokemon he recieved was a Petilil that he named Blossom. He used his grass type Pokemon to help him study the plants around Pallet Town until he finally moved out when he turned 18. Sage moved to the Sinnoh Region to Floaroma Town where he took over running Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop where he met a young woman named Violet. Within the next year they where married with a baby girl on the way. He would still call home every few months, but not that often and he never visited. In fact the first time he went back home was three years after he moved out when he recieved a frantic phone call from his mother about Rosalyn running away. Once it became clear that she wasn't going to come back a week later, he returned home to Violet and his daughter Jasmine. As the next year passed the flower shop wasn't making much money so he left it in Violet's hands and applied to teach at the Trainer School, planning on sending money to his wife and five year old daughter until he could get a place for them all to live in Kanto.

Species: Lilligant

Nickname: Blossom

Personality: Blossom is a very sweet pokemon but she will do anything for her trainer. She has helped Sage play his fair share of pranks and has showed him many things about plants. Some could say she can be a bit mischievous herself because she has played some pranks without Sage...but that was never proven.

Lvl: 50

Moveset: Synthesis, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance, Teeter Dance, GrassWhistle, Healing Wish

darkert creepwood
Name : darkert creepwood

Nickname : the creepifier

Age : 28

Sex : male

Job : double battle expert

Appearance: Picture Link sort of like this but with a greenish cape and grey boots

Personality : darkert is very mysterious and dos not like to show his emotions,however when it comes to battling he is very ferocious and hates to lose. he will oftenly lose his temper especcialy when someone calls him the creepster.however he can be quite flirty and if he sees a girl he fancies he will run up to her and speack a decleration of love( just like brock) although he'd normally get rejected (also like brock). however one girl he has befreinded is pheobe of the elite 4 whom lost to darkert in a battle. that made him get a bit boastful and got banished to the marine cave where a hydro pump nearly hit him,so he was very cautious after that day and kept himself to himself

History: born in littleroot town, as a young child he found a lone seedot and easily befreinded it. they would always hang out together until his 5th birthday when a pokemon trainer with a green headband and white hair came and thrust a pokeball at it. darkert did all he could to get seedot out but the trainer just laughed and said that's my pokemon now and pushed darkert out the way as he strode onto route 101. life continued on as normal until a week before his ninth birthday when he stole a pokeball and vowed to catch the first pokemon he saw. when he exited the house, a nuzleaf walked up to him. it was the seedot from before.he ran away from home and pushed past a guard to get on a boat to unova
on the journey someone took pity on him(they thought he was an orphan) so they gave him an eevee to look after darkert. when he arrived in unova
he found an injured paniard on the docks of castelia city so he took it to a pokemon centre to heal it back to its normal self. after being rejected by nurse joy he found a pokemon trainer school where he found he had an awsome talent at double battles. 4 months later he entered the junior double battle contest when he won he got to choose a stone to evolve one of his pokemon obviously he chose a leaf stone then flew back to hoenn to do a journey there, when he arrived at the elite four a girl was waiting there for him and asked for a challenge. it was his long lost sister the elite 4 pheobe.

Vriska Van der Douchevald
Name: Vriska Van der Douchevald

Nickname: Vrisket


Sex: Female

Dorm: Raikou Dorm

Appearance: Her height is of 5 ft 4 in and her weight is of 120 lbs. Her hair is long and black, of a very small volume and perfectly taken care of, her hair is always emitting a light smell of roses. Her face is round with her not being fat, and her skin is of a creamy color. She's always wearing a pair of big glasses, she's unable to see at all when she's not wearing these. Her everyday outfit consists in a light blue blouse with a black jacket over it, and a pair of denim jeans, with a pair of light green sandals as her footwear. She's always wearing a belt which has six slots for Pokeballs as well as one for her slightly messed-up Pokedex (see the History part of the SU for more info about the gadget).

Personality: Vriska is a very smart person, so much that she can be academically talented if she ever tries to, unfortunately, she hates schools, or the mere fact of learning stuff, for that matter. When it comes to socialize, she's not the best example one can get, Vriska will do anything possible to avoid even the simplest of conversations. She has a sometimes weird love for Ghost and Bug Pokemon, she sometimes wanders inside any nearby forest looking for some Pokemon to play with. For some reason, she is not as cold and self-closed with Pokemon and her mom like she is with everyone else, and despite how she may look, she cares deeply for people, sometimes even risking her own life for the safety of a stranger. Vriska is quite clueless most of the time, and has a very hard time trying to understand indirects and sarcasm. Vriska loves technology, and shows to be somewhat skilled at hacking, she likes to practice her skills with her Pokedex, which hardly qualifies as that any longer. Vriska rarely feels any anger or helps any grudge towards anyone... Except for one person:Vincent Van der Douche; her brother.

History: Vriska is the daughter of Theobald Van der Housen, a retired Pokemon trainer, and Marion Douchevald, an ex-coordinator. She grew up in a huge house in Viridian City, receiving nothing but a few attention from her father, and always being pranked by her older brother.

Vriska is very attached to her mother, who is the only person Vriska isn't cold towards. She rarely speaks to her gather, and whenever this conversation happens, it's because her father wants her to wash the dishes. Vriska had shown a love for technology since she was little, and her mother introduced her to hacking, at which her mother was a little talented. Vriska proved to be even better than her mother, and is still learning. Vriska received a Pokedex her father used to own when she became ten years old, she decided that's he would practice her hacking skills with this gadget, which proved to be a very hard task, but she eventually managed to add a phone and message system to it, I exchange for the Pokedex to release sparks whenever it tries to show data for a Pokemon, Vriska is still trying to fix this, with no results so far.

Her relationship with her brother is... Quite complicated. It can be resumed this way: Thery both hate each other to death. Vincent is a jerk in the whole extension of the word, and he's always playing pranks on Vriska. Vriska earned a prankster nature from Vincent, and she now enjoys playing pranks on everyone except for her father and mother.

As mentioned previously, Vriska is quite clueless, which is the reason Vincent tricked her to go to Viridian Forest when she was six, and also afraid to bugs, with the excuse that Clefairy inhabited there. As a matter of fact, Clefairy was her favorite Pokemon at the time.

Vriska had been entrusted with three Pokeballs in order to catch a Clefairy back then, but when Vriska got lost, and realized that there wasn't any Clefairy there, she threw the capsules all around, these Pokeballs caught a Pokemon, each be those Pokeon have been her best friends ever since.

Wyatt Leon Bellerose
Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): Wyatt Leon Bellerose

Nickname (Optional): Wyatt Wyvern, Wyvern

Age (10-15): 13

Sex (Male or Female): Male

Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Raikou Dorm (if N/A then Entei Dorm)

Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish): A hint of his skin being slightly pale. Has a sloping forehead, frizzy hair that he keeps sloppy and unkempt. His clothing consists of rave pants (Think the pants that branch out from regular sized at the top to absurdly large at the bottom), A high collared, sleeveless black shirt, and wears goggles around his neck. He also has a damaged eye from a fight resulting in heterochromia or different shading of both eyes, his left being green and his other blue (the blue one being slightly damaged.

Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?): Wyatt disliked being called by anything except his nickname and tends to keep his family secret as to what has happened to him. He also made a "list" of codes that he lives by and that he adds on to occasionally. The main ones are:
1. Never stand by and allow anyone to be mistreated
2. Never let anyone say what you can or cannot do
3. To make a difference in the world
4. Success requires commitment and hard work
5. Never fear anyone but yourself

Other wise except for his name and code Wyatt is pretty easy going. Despite being good at battling where he is from, he has almost no strategy and tends to always go on offensive usually except for using his Mantyke.Wyatt also isn't very ambitious although he hopes that someday he can change the world. He has a habit of avoiding large groups of people as he has grown to not trust people. When not battling he loves to sleep, stare at clouds, or stargaze.

History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?):
Wyatt was born into a rich family that was well known for its history in crime. When he became ten his family gave him a choice between three pokemon that were mistreated by them. He kept them but didn't help when his parents wanted him to harm an innocent pokemon. Since he wasn't willing to abide by their rules, although he was otherwise perfect in the eyes of his parents, he was ran away (taking all three of the pokemon he was opted to pick between) to live in the streets and joined a street gang in order to have a home. His family attempted to locate where he was as he roamed the streets of Goldenrod City. The gang he joined was somewhat productive for the community of Goldenrod. Wyatt eventually made a name in the gang until the leader of the group was over thrown by a Trainer Named Achilles. Achilles wanted to change all of the values of the group. Wyatt, not willing to cooperate with the new leader or his views or harm other people attempted to leave the group but he was given a merciless beating before he was allowed to leave resulting in his eye condition. Later on he found out he was also framed for a crime and he was forced to either return to his family or go to try an entry test to join a academy so he could become more disciplined with his pokemon. Wyatt, unable to prove that he was innocent decided to give the academy a chance as it would give him a fresh start.

Mr. Ryan Newson
Name: Mr. Ryan Newson

Nickname: (Nicknames can be decided by others for him)

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Job: Pokémon Legend studies. (Not quite sure what lesson that would fit into)

Appearance: Ryan is 6"01 tall and weighs 150lbs. He has light brown hair and glasses very skinny, almost no visible body fat or muscle. He generaly wears Checkered shirts and Jeans.

Personality: Ryan is generaly friendly but also very shy. He is easily intimidated but won't be walked over. He is obssessed with legendary Pokémon and often day dreams about them. Usualy won't speak unless spoken to but if he sees a dispute going on he will join in to give his point of view. Being very shy has lead to his lack of friends and absolutely no romantic experience at all. Due to this he likes to stay in his room a lot and doesn't leave for any events such as parties etc.

History: Ryan grew up on Pummelo Island in the Orange Islands. Due to this he has experienced many wonderful things throughout his youth. His father and grandfather were both champions at the Orange League and this has caused a great deal of stress to him by being pressured by people around him to follow in his famillies footsteps. Ryan never liked battles much and prefered to watch and collect. His love for legendaries started when rescued by a mysterious pokémon when he fell from his families boat whilst sailing past lightning island. The pokémon that saved him looks like this. when he was discovered two days later on the shore is Pummelo Island nobody new about the pokémon he described and they said he must of imagined or dreamt it. Ryan believed all of this until when he was 12 and was sailing past lightning island again the very same pokémon appeared beneath the sea where his boat was. Since then Ryan made it his job to search for legendary pokémon and to learn as much as he could about them.
Ryan discovered 'The Pokémon Trainer Academy' in a newspaper article. He knew that this would be the ideal place to learn more about Legendaries and also teach all that he knew about Legendaries to all people that felt the same as he did.
Ryan's first ever pokémon was a Charmander that is the son of his farther's Charizard. It is now a Charizard and Ryan's companion and best friend.
Ryan's first captured pokémon was a Nidoran♂ that he raised up to a Nidoking from a moonstone his grandfarther left him in his will. This Nidoran♂ was found in the Fuchsia city safari zone which he went for his 14th birthday.
Ryan's third and final pokémon was an Electabuz he traded for an Exeggcute that he captured in the Safari zone also.

Haru Hatake
Name: Haru Hatake
How will we know when we're accepted?

This is for a student btw

Nickname: Haru, or Hatake

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Raiku

Appearance:Appearance: Like a Unova ace trainer with long shaggy light brown hair that reaches the base of his neck and curls at the end. I hate myself for this reference, like Harry Stile's hair from One Direction(:p) but dark green. He’s about five feet, five inches, a bit short for his age. He wears glasses with frames the shape of leaves. He prefers to wear khaki shorts, and wears a large variety of shirts, ranging from dressy polos, to plain white t-shirts. He’s a skinny boy about ninety-six pounds. His hair is long, shaggy, and a bit curly at the ends, and a light brownish color. He has a face that looks mature for what age he is. He has an angular chin, and a tell tale sign of a beard. His voice is unnaturally deep for his age, which has led to ridicule in the past. He isn’t gorgeous, but he definitely not ugly. His muscles are there, but there not big. He has strong legs however, and his brain muscle is bigger than that.

Personality: He’s a bit of an oddball. He has amazing potential, but he doesn’t put forth his best effort. He’s a bit of a slacker, so he barely made it to Raiku. He has a tendency to be flirt, and he has a chronic fear of extremely lengthy homework assignment. He tenses up around beautiful girls, he's a bit like Brock. Just replace breeding with pokemon training, and downgrade the reaction. He just flirts with them. He wants to prove himself to the world."Be a hero" as some would say. He spent his life being mocked by certain people, which drove him to dream of becoming the best that he could, except he's a slacker. He acknowledges the fact that he's so freaking far from perfect, but still struts around like he owns stuff. He's not a fan of losing, but is always happy in defeat. He smiles practically all the time, and is good to have around for a laugh. He's clever and witty, but could be called a "Smart Ass". He's likable, but can be a bit awkward, and he can be annoying at times,but he's a loyal friend and will stick up for you if he likes you.He also plays guitar quite a bit, and is pretty good at it.

History: He grew up in Viridian City with his childhood friend, a stall-worth Charmander. The Charmander was his best friend, and grew up with it. Everyday he would go out and play with i and feed it When he was 8, however, the Charmander was taken by a strange boy clad in red. He was devastated and cried for days. His parents loved him, and they had a brilliant idea. They got him a Charmander from Doctor Samuel Oak at age 10. He took a year and a half to travel all over Kanto with Charmander, which became a Charmeleon, but decided to leave home to explore other regions. His Charmander was then a Charmeleon, and it had a urge to go over seas with him. He took the Charmeleon and used it in Hoenn, where he got Grovyle as a Treeko. Together they traveled all over Hoenn, though his two favorite Pokemon were still weak. They grew tired of Hoenn and set off for Sinnoh, where they met Munchlax who was stealing their food. Haru caught him by using the food as a peace offering. They then traveled all across Sinnoh, losing battles wherever they wenr. Now Haru wanted to go to the academy simply for a new start with his team, to grow stronger so they wouldn't lose every battle they get in.

Whitney "???" Eli
Name: Whitney "???" Eli
Nickname: Witty
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance: Picture Link

Whitney generally wears dark clothing, and has a liking for baseball caps and candy cigarettes, so she's often found with both. Her satchel-like bag has a special dividable strap to turn it into a regular backpack. Her eyes beep blue, her skin fair, and her amber hair is often hidden in the cap, causing some gender confusion at times. She also has some earrings on both ears, and seems to sport a bit of a "Punk Chick" look, if not for her kind smile and deep eyes.

Whitney is commonly seen lost in thought, or thinking faster than her body can process. She often invents new and useful things, though when she tests them they occasionally falter or... Explode. She tends to take serious situations a tad too lightly, often joking about injuries or trying to lighten the mood. She is rarely down in depression, and spends most of her interactions with a smile, and possibly some humor. However, when her gender is mistaken, her happiness becomes rage. Arceus protect anyone who calls her a guy. She often fantasizes about some boy her age coming and sweeping her away, understanding her oddities instead of pointing them out. This, however, remains a fantasy, as people continue to mistake her for a guy.

Born and raised in Nimbasa City, Unova, Whitney was surrounded by the latest and greatest of Technology. However, while others looked to this technology and thought, "Oh, that's amazing!", Whitney was different. She looked at everything and simply said, "I can do /soooo/ much better." Her parents were disinterested, but wealthy enough that Whitney was able to get what she asked. Did she ever ask for an MP3 Player? No. She asked for metal, circuitry, and every part needed to make her own, and it indeed turned out better than the leading model. Soon she was creating everything, though not only for herself, but for others as well. She was soon well-renowned for her invention, and even took up work with fabric and other materials, though she didn't just make clothes. She made all sorts of clothing with technology hidden within, too thin to see and too flexible to feel. Late one afternoon, she had been taking a 'short break' on Nimbasa's world-renowned Ferris Wheel. when she was startled awake by a large thud. It was seemingly nothing, though she decided to get off to check it out. A few yards from the exit she found a Pidgey lying half-dead on the ground. In a moment of distress, she took the poor creature in in a heartbeat. Her wings were utterly useless. So, being the inventor she was, she created artificial wings to replace the broken ones. However, these wings are made out of purely white feathers, and contradict the coloration of the bird, but they look extremely beautiful nonetheless. She began training the bird, naming her "Pidge" for short. When Pidge evolved, Whitney built her an even larger set of wings, making them twice as breathtaking when fully spread. Eventually the bird was trained to great strength, able to now carry her trainer into the air. Keeping (but improving) the backpack the bird enjoyed resting in. It now could be worn on her back, and was large enough to fit all of the items she needed, plus the biggest pocket for Pidge. With the bird hidden in the backpack, but the wings spread to each side, Whitney was also mistaken as an angel, and she even used this backpack (and Pidge) to learn to fly on her own. Later on, she found out about the academy, and decided her Pokemon Training would be better off with a teacher. However, she also brought her many supplies with her.

Haru Windsong
Name: Haru Windsong

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Dorm: Raikou Dorm

Appearance: (I need to make more post before I can post the picture I want to use; can this wait a little bit?)

Personality: Haru's generally a quiet boy that avoids confrontation as much as possible. He can manage a conversation when he's in the mood, but otherwise he's more of a wall-flower. If the topic is flight, however, he's a lot more enthusiastic. It's been his dream to be able to fly one day, but for now he has to rely on Pokemon to help. Because of this he has a fondness for larger, Pokemon capable of flight.
Haru is also secretly a prankster. His slightly impish nature gives him impulses to cause some mischief, but he's careful about acting on it. He'll consider a harmless prank, but he does his best not to cross the line into actually hurting someone. At the same time, though, he has a strong sense of what he thinks is right and wrong. It makes him resolute and kind towards others, but when he thinks someone deserves it he'll act on impulse and come up with a revenge prank.

History: Haru grew up in the Hoenn region as a foster child. His actual parents died in a landslide on the way to Mt. Chimney, but he was too young to remember them. For six years he lived almost everywhere in Hoenn. He was less outgoing when his home was around Mt. Chimney, but in Fortree City he enjoyed seeing the volcano on the horizon atop a flying-type Pokemon. It grew to be his favorite place in the world.
When he turned ten, he decided to run away from his and travel the continent on his own. Following his own whim, though, he returned to Fortree often and eventually settled there (he found an abandoned secret base in a tree nearby; surprising enough it also had a bed!) and started raising his own flying Pokemon. His first was a Swablu he raised from an egg. It was also the only one he kept; he either released the others or traded them for different Pokemon. By the time he was thirteen he had a very popular small business tending to flying-types. It was how he supported himself and his Pokemon.
When he was accepted into the Academy, he only kept three of his Pokemon. He handed the flying-types over to the gym and handed out the others as gifts (he also handed out fake pokeball stink bombs to get revenge on the kids that picked on him). He thought he completely failed his written exam, which he did, but his battle-sense saved him without his notice. He wasn't a strong test-taker, not really having that much of a stable schooling structure as a little kid, but he had his moments.

Indigo Wave
Name: Indigo Wave

Nickname: Indie

Age: 12

Sex: Male

Dorm: Suicune

Appearance: Indigo has short black hair that is spiked back ward in a strange kind of multiple duck-tail. He wears a pair of goggles on his head that he uses in situations that he doesn't like to talk in. Indigo's face is narrow and pale. His eyes are of the colour he was named after, and are usually accompanied by dark bags acquired from sleepless nights. He wears a orange and white checkered short-sleeved shirt with a long white-sleeved white shirt beneath this. On his lower half, Indigo wears a grey pair of jeans with a belt buckle that has a pokénav given to him by Bright on it. On his feet he wears a pair of black sneakers with white laces and soles. On top of all this, he also wears a shoulder mounted black and white bag in which he keeps all of his supplies.

Personality: Indigo is a rather rough and brusque youth upon first contact. To those he does not know, Indigo will be rather mean-spirited and needlessly malicious. This quickly gives way to his second layer quickly once Indigo has confirmed the trainer he's communicating with is a good person, which is that of a very sweet, almost charming boy. His true personality shines through when dealing with his pokémon too, whom he treats with much care and compassion. Indigo may seem sure of himself, but lying at his core is a deep-rooted self doubt, and due to this he often second-guesses himself and regrets past decisions, even if they were good ones. He is also prone to make sure his clothes are sitting on him right, fidgeting every now and then.

History: Indigo was born and raised in the Kanto region until he was five years old, at which point he moved with his family to Unova, where they settled in Castelia city. Indigo lived his life in the shadow of his elder brother Bright, who was a child prodigy. He spent most of his time growing up with his twin sister Cyan. The two shared a close bond, even sharing between them a duo of pokémon. When the two of them were ten years old however, their pokémon were stolen from them by strange men in metal suits. Indigo made to stop them, but failed in his attempt to save the pokémon. It was soon after this that Bright went after the men who had taken his younger siblings' pokémon and retrieved them, returning them to the pair. Since that time, Indigo has looked up greatly to Bright, but also doubts himself greatly. For the first year after he lost his pokémon, he didn't even battle. Unfortunately, Indigo also felt responsible for Cyan's pokémon, and having felt he had let her down, reduced his communication with her to infinitely minute bursts of words. After another year, Indigo barely spoke to Cyan at all, and decided on his own that he would enroll in the Academy. Leaving home without telling anyone but Bright, Indigo made his way to the school with high hopes for the future.

Danielle Accola

Danielle Accola

Nickname: Dani
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance ★

Picture Link
The image above gives you an actual picture of what Danielle looks like, but the only exception is that she does not have pink hair...or rather it was her dream for her to have pink hair. Danielle has long, pure brown hair, down towards her bottom, with short curtain-like bangs in the front. Most of the time, she loves to have it straight, just so she wouldn't bother with styling her hair unless there's a special occasion. Her hair is naturally wavy. She is thin, lightly-skinned, and tall (give or take 5'7), albeit taller than her older cousin. Wearing heels almost makes her a 5'9, but that is a rarity. She has green eyes, green like grass, and likes to wear eye makeup all the time. The usual mascara, eye liner, and natural-colored eye shadow. Basically, Danielle prefers modern teen fashion.

In terms of clothing, she likes wearing jean skirts, jean shorts and jean pants. Pretty much everything jeans, as she is a huge fan of it. Her wrists are full of plastic gummy bracelets, she even shares some with her friends. She like casual-fitting t-shirts and tank-tops, depending on the weather. Her preferred top is a short-sleeved green baby tee with a picture of a blue flower, but during the winter months, she would have to cover it up. When she wears jean skirts and shorts, she always wears black leggings underneath, the length down to her knees. She prefers flip flops than tennis shoes, but in case she needs to walk during a journey, she wears tennis shoes with socks.

To give her a better picture of what she looks like, think of Pike Queen Lucy, one of the Frontier Brains, with the exception that she does not have red streaks in her hair and she wears a green top that covers her whole abdomen.

Personality ★

Being the leader of a large group in her school, Danielle prefers being one rather than being the follower. She likes to lead groups on her own and does not like anyone or anything to stand in her way. She is also highly competitive and takes a while to accept loss, especially when it comes to battles. She loves training her Pokemon, pushing them hard so they could do their best, but she'll know her limit. Deep inside of her, however, she is a friendly person and she likes to stand up to anyone (or anything). Although Danielle can be a bit shy at first when meeting new people, but will quickly warm up when it comes to catching a wild Pokemon or battling someone, as those seem to spark her interest very quickly. She pays attention to detail, a lot. With her good vision, she'll be quick to find any differences around her.

Aside from being competitive and friendly, she is very loyal not just to the people she knows, but also to Pokemon. She loves her Pokemon very much, as if they were her own children. She tries her absolute best to keep her Pokemon as happy and confident as she can, and hopefully they won't think she's a pushover. She absolutely knows what's best for them.

History ★

Danielle was born and raised in Celadon City, and lives with her Uncle Bryan in Downtown Celadon. He was a former trainer himself, and currently has an Ivysaur. Bryan, a Pokemon doctor in a top Celadon Hospital, is very strict towards Pokemon and did not allow her to have one of her own until later on in her life. In spite of that, Danielle has been exposed greatly of Pokemon, especially to the fact that Erika, the Celadon Gym Leader, is her inspiration. She is technically an only child, as her parents died in a plane crash. Her cousin, currently unnamed, and is older than her, is currently training and competing for the Pokemon League in Hoenn.

Danielle also had a childhood friend at Celadon, too. His name was Mark Wilson, and eventually they'll become classmates at the Academy. They went to the same school, and lived on the same street. He was exposed to Pokemon first before Danielle, as his Poliwag, Len, became his first Pokemon. He showed Danielle the ropes to capturing her first Pokemon, even when her uncle prohibited her to do so, but failed thereafter. After being friends since at a young age, Danielle had to transfer to a private school at the other side of Celadon due to her outstanding effort with her schoolwork, thus moving away to a different part of the city from her best friend.

On her 12th birthday, she received a gift from her aunt in Mistralton City. It was a Pokemon egg. Although her uncle still disapproves of her having Pokemon, he decided to let it slide for that time. A few months later, it hatched into a Mienfoo. Danielle fell in love with him, and promised she'll take care of the baby Pokemon herself, without the supervision of her uncle.

At her new school, she excelled greatly, becoming one of the top students. She also kept her reputation from her old school to her new school. The students at the school admired her very much. She earned top grades in the Pokemon subjects, which includes training, battling, and care. Gym Leader Erika is a mentor at the school, and she sees Danielle and Mienfoo together everyday, as well as with her friends. One day, when Danielle had a Pokemon battle against a friend of her's outside of her school (her Mienfoo against her friend's Victreebel), Erika had approached to her after watching her win the battle, and told her about the Pokemon Trainer Academy. She thinks that she'd be a perfect fit for the school, but she wasn't sure on what her uncle Bryan would say about it. Surprisingly, he approved of her choice, and allowed her to go.

With her extensive knowledge in Pokemon, and her loyalty towards Mienfoo, Danielle took the exam, and passed it with flying colors...earning her a spot at the elite dorms of the Academy: Suicune Dorm. Bryan knows for a fact that with her high grades, and her potential to become a better trainer like her cousin and himself, she'll be successful.