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Originally Posted by D. Lawride View Post
Hm, that's odd. Are you sure it was only upon patching?

Are you sure you're trying to download the correct version? 1.5 seems to work just fine, whereas the 1.5.2 doesn't work, I just noticed:

i think i found my problem......noobish too. i didnt bother downloading the first thing i was supposed to be downloading so i can download the patch. that's all fixed up, thank you

Edit: as it turns out, and i finally figured it out, i needed something to open up the RAR files, which i found and downloaded and extracted everything i needed to play. havent played it yet, but i did play the first version and that was cool up until i had to battle the rival and then it crashed on me

Edit2: one question i forgot to ask: did you include the option for shinies in the game like in the real games?

Edit3: Sigh...........this one is doing the same thing, it crashes when i get to the rival battle, though it says the script is hanging this time around

Edit4: i wanna update Edit3. it still says the script is hanging, but when i exit out and go back in, it continues whereever i am, so that doesnt seem like a problem. though i do have two other issues: When people talk, the text area that goes up with the speech doesnt come up, so if something is any other color than white, i gotta kinda squint to see what it is. also, it wont let me use the PDA at all. i click it, the screen goes black and nothing comes up