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I'm gonna come out and say it... I think Stealth Rock is the worst thing to ever happen to the Pokemon series. Making certain types inherently more useless because of one super easy to set up move and only offering a single move (Rapid Spin) that few Pokemon carry and is otherwise pretty useless as the only counter is stupid. Favorite pokemon Charizard? Too bad, x4 weakness to Stealth Rock and the otherwise perfectly viable Pokemon now is almost utterly countered by a widely usable noob TM move.


Question for discussion: If a competitive league or tournament banned the use of Stealth Rock (Spikes/Toxic Spikes still okay, mostly type-neutral anyway), would there be certain Poke's that would be gamebreakingly powerful? I mean, the big ones that are super countered by it are guys like Charizard (still OU at best w/o SR, plenty of people with good rock moves to counter it), Ho-oh (still uber, still plenty of rock moves), maybe the new bug/fire moth guy...? Rapid Spinners will still be useful because of Spikes/Toxic Spikes. Entry hazards are still worth Whirlwind/Roar abusing. Anyways, I could go on but I think I've got enough here for discussion.

tl:dr - I hate Stealth Rock, would the competitive scene be that bad w/o it? Would any pokes be unbearably OP w/o Stealth Rock to stop them? Discuss.
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