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Fair enough. My usage of the term "noob" for SR was intended to reflect the disparity between these things: ease of use (set and forget, no duration), number of pokes that can learn it (68ish fully evolved pokes at my count), and crazy effectiveness vs the difficulty it takes to get rid of (if my count is right 19 fully evolved pokes learn Rapid Spin and a ghost counters almost all of them).

I'll adjust my word usage but I just hate how it seems that any decision I make in Pokemon is now based on that one move. Also kind of wondering if I'm alone in this boat. As far as the things you called noob... Hyper Beam and the other similar moves have an inherent drawback. Stealth Rock has nothing of the sort.

Anyways, not going to get off-topic in my own thread. Sorry for bashing SR in a less-than intellectual way. A different meta-game I'm okay with, but I wanted help seeing what new imbalances might pop-up in said meta.

Skarmory would indeed see a buff and it is already pretty good as is. I would love to see Evolite-Scyther more! Lol. Thanks for your input.
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