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It was a very important day, so Jackie absolutely had to look the part. Make-up was a must, but not too much. You simply cannot overdo it. The wig was perfectly bushed, so that no hair would be out of place. Long wigs are so tough to maintain, but it really adds to the look. The usual dress was spotless, although he was worried it might be a bit too formal. Still, Jackie wanted to make a good impression on his peers and protégé.

It was a long way from his home in Lilycove, but since he stopped by his home in Rustboro the day before, he didn't have to worry about leaving too early. Still, he was very excited, so he left for Littleroot as soon as he was ready. Thank goodness for the nice weather.

As he neared the town, he wondered about what types of people he would meet. The other mentors were probably very friendly, since they volunteered to work with kids. The uptight, serious types usually avoid children. They supposed to be around his age, so he could probably get along with them. Who knows, perhaps there was even a cute guy there? Jackie giggled to himself.

Of course, what he should really be thinking about are the new trainers. What would they be like? Perhaps he would mentor a spunky kid with attitude, or possibly one who is very sweet and caring. What gender would the trainer be? If he was a boy, he may not be too positive on the cross dressing. If so, Jackie would just teach him to be more open-minded. That's generally a good trait to have anyway. A girl trainer might be easier to get along with, but that mostly depends on the personality.

Before he knew it, he was already there in front of the laboratory. Without hesitation, he strutted forward into the building, too excited to notice the children outdoors.

"Good morning~" he trilled, greeting whoever was inside. There were a couple scientists, and other people that he assumed were mentors like him. There was a lovely looking lady, which made him feel less out of place. There was also a scruffy looking man, and an older teen girl wearing all black. Next to them, was the famous Professor Birch.

"Nice to meet you, Professor. I'm Jackie Belrose." He introduced himself.

"Ah yes, it's you. Nice to meet you, uh, miss?" He seemed slightly confused on how to address him. "Please wait until the other mentors get here, then we will get down to business."

"Alrighty~" He smiled, and went to get himself aquatinted with the others.

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